Fantasy football is the one true love of every fantasy football player. Any dedicated fantasy player knows that they need a great and classic fantasy name to enter the season. The 2017 season is no exception to that rule.

Many leagues, like ours at Let’s Talk Fantasy Football, creates our names around our weekly opponent, making much of the list below moot. However, there are many fantasy fans who need great names to look through.

If you can’t pick a name from below for your fantasy team, we’ve failed you. I’ve failed you.

We’ve broken down some of the best fantasy football team names that we could find. They’re broken down below randomly, and their tiers and numbers are not representative of our favorites. Personally, I think many of them are worth a laugh. Now it’s time for the best of the best.

*The main photo is courtesy of and copyrighted by Fless13. This image is being used in accordance with Creative Commons and all rights are reserved by Fless13.

The 2017 Fantasy Football Team Name Guide

We've searched the internet far and wide to bring you some of the best fantasy football team names we could find.

Some of them will be outdated, others will need to be updated as players retire and change teams but most of them should give you a good laugh.

We've broken down the 2017 fantasy football team names by NFL team, TV show and popular movies. Enjoy folks,  I know I did.

Arizona Cardinals 2017 Fantasy Football Team Names

Arizona Cardinals Fantasy Football 2017

The Arizona Cardinals have quite a few well-known players that you'll see included on the 2017 Arizona fantasy team names list below. While we couldn't think of (or find) some for every Cardinal, we found quite a few good ones for the 2017 season.

  1. I Choo Choo Choose You, Ellington
  2. Giving Defenses Fitz
  3. Rice And Beanies
  4. Pop, Lock, And Docket
  5. Dropping a Doucet
  6. Breaston Plants
  7. Fitzgerald Broflovski
  8. Show Me Your Fitz
  9. Kibbles ‘N Fitz
  10. The Daily Fitz-Hearld
  11. Jack and the BeanieStalk

Atlanta Flacons 2017 Fantasy Football Team Names

Atlanta Falcons Fantasy Football 2017

With NFL stars like Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Roddy White and a last name like Jacquizz, we've got a nice collection of Atlanta Falcon 2017 fantasy team names.

We already know you love our 2017 fantasy football team names for the Atlanta Falcons, but if you don't, tell us below what fantasy team names you'd want us to include for 2017.

Here we go:

  1. I’m Gonna Jacquizz All Over Yo Tates
  2. Julio's Hamstring of Steel
  3. Matty's Ice Cubes
  4. Raging Falcoholics
  5. Jacquizzed in my pants
  6. Snelling Salts
  7. You're Falcon Right
  8. I'm Falcon Your Mom
  9. This Means Worrilow
  10. Rowdy Roddy
  11. Quizz on Your Face
  12. Ring Around the Osi

Baltimore Ravens 2017 Fantasy Football Team Names

2017 Fantasy Football Team Names - Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens are home to several big NFL names, and many of them are included in our 2017 fantasy team name guide.

With all of these great 2017 Ravens fantasy team names you may be wondering what we think about their fantasy outlook for 2017. Ask and you shall receive, our 2017 fantasy podcast on them can be found right here (just look for the NFC North).

  1. The Never-ending Torry
  2. I Have a Rice Beater On
  3. Beats By Ray
  4. Frosted Flaccos
  5. You Are Ngata Father
  6. Waka Flacco Flame
  7. Rice Smack the Bishop!
  8. Why'd Rice Decker?
  9. Rice By The Pound
  10. Bernard Pierced Stacy's Mom
  11. Don't Give Me No Flacco
  12. Beats & Rice
  13. Cut Him Some Flacco
  14. ...Oher Nah
  15. Rice to Beat You

Buffalo Bills 2017 Fantasy Football Team Names

2017 Fantasy Team Names - Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills made big news to kick off 2017 with the trade for LeSean McCoy. We're ready to kick off the 2017 fantasy season with some sweet Buffalo Bills team names.

If you're interested in more than just fantasy football team names, try our fantasy podcast on the outlook of some of the Bills 2017 stars.

  1. Tuel Time
  2. The Bryce is Right
  3. Flutie and the Blowfish
  4. Game of Marrone’s
  5. Manuel Can Hackett
  6. Lawson’s Creek
  7. Offices of Williams, Williams and Williams
  8. Read the Manuel
  9. Truth or Dareus
  10. Elementary My Dear Watkins
  11. Watkins Makes My Woods Grow
  12. I'm Sorry Fred Jackson
  13. Turn Down for Watkins
  14. Read the Freaking Manuel
  15. Angry Byrds

Carolina Panthers 2017 Fantasy Football Team Names

2017 Fantasy Team Names - Carolina Panthers

The 2017 Carolina Panthers team names are dominated by Cam Newton team names. As such a polarizing player it's no surprise, but we promise there are some other gems in here as well.

Sometimes you want more than just fantasy team names, in that case we've got you covered with our fantasy breakdown on the 2017 Panthers.

  1. Wham! Bam! Thank You Cam!
  2. Newtons Law
  3. I Cam in My Shorts
  4. Finish Him Kuechly
  5. Bust a McNutt
  6. How about GaNO
  7. The Tolbert Report
  8. Teenage Newton Ninja Turtles
  9. Green Eggs and Cam
  10. To Whom the Bell Tolberts
  11. Oh God I Just Cam
  12. Cam's Laws of Motion
  13. All About the Benjamins
  14. Shootin' Newton
  15. Fig Newtons

Chicago Bears 2017 Fantasy Football Team Names

2017 Fantasy Team Names - Chicago Bears

Man it's just a ton of fun to make fun of Jay Cutler. That's why he's a popular name in our 2017 Bears fantasy football team names. We've got some other great Bears in there as well!

Not only do we make fun of Cutler on our 2017 fantasy team name list, we also talk a ton of Cutler on our 2017 Bears Preview Podcast.

  1. Not My Forte
  2. Forte Ounce Roddy
  3. Robbie’s Gould Diggers
  4. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Cutler
  5. Smokin Jay Cutler
  6. Forte Year-Old Virgin
  7. Drinkin’ Fortes
  8. The Forte Forte Club
  9. Smoke a Jeffrey
  10. Forte Shades of Gray
  11. Suck My Ditka
  12. Grinning and Bearing It
  13. Peppers Bear Spray
  14. Cutler's Last Stand
  15. Forte Days of Rain

Cincinnati Bengals 2017 Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy Football Team Names - Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals have a killer 2017 fantasy team name list. In fact, Eiferted writing it (that was a poor attempt at humor). So here's the real fantasy team name list.

If you're looking for some fantasy analysis to go along with the Bengals 2017 team names, we break it down on our AFC North Preview Podcast here.

  1. It Ertz when Eifert
  2. Death by Sanu
  3. Marvin on Up to the East Side
  4. Pardon Me Eiferted
  5. Practice Makes Burfict
  6. Beats by Dre Kirkpatrick
  7. It's Always Greener In Cincy
  8. Ginger Paradise
  9. Higher Than AJ's Green
  10. The Eifert Tower
  11. Lewis' Sinks Ships
  12. Sanu and Improved
  13. Crash & Bernard
  14. My Fleener Ertz When Eifert
  15. Me & Julio Down By The Bernard

Cleveland Browns 2017 Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy Football Team Names - Browns

We all know Johnny football is a popular topic, which is why he still reigns supreme for the Browns 2017 fantasy football team names (even though he's not on the team).

We think Josh Gordon names still qualify for the 2017 team name list, so let's leave him there for meow.

  1. Time to Grow Up and Be a Manziel
  2. Josh Gordon’s Third Strike
  3. They See Me Rollin’ They Haden
  4. Tickel me Manzielmo
  5. A Mingo Ate My Brady
  6. Don’t Touch My Johnny Manziel
  7. Manziel in Distress
  8. Where’s Johnny?
  9. Whitner Solstice
  10. The Johnny Cleveland Show
  11. Fast Times When Gordon’s High
  12. Second Hand Smoke
  13. Manziel in the Mirror
  14. Miles Austin City Limits
  15. Dead Manziel Walking
  16. Manziel and His Bird
  17. R U Haden on Johnny Manziel?
  18. Gordon is the New Blackmon
  19. Weeden Gordon’s Piss
  20. Don’t Be Haden on Josh Gordon
  21. Bad to the Bowe
  22. What a Bowemance
  23. Hootie and the Bowefish
  24. How High Can Dwayne Bowe
  25. Make it Dwayne on dem Bowe’s
  26. Here comes Honey Bowe Bowe
  27. Singing in Dwayne?

Dallas Cowboys 2017 Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy Team Names - Cowboys

With DeMarco Murray taking his talents to the rival Eagles, there were a ton of fired up Dallas Cowboy fans earlier in 2017. Now it's time to see what fantasy team names you can make without the traitor.

  1. Dez Dispenser
  2. Dez-ed and Confused
  3. The Garden of Weeden
  4. Weeden Brownies
  5. Carr Rescue
  6. No Romo
  7. A Lump of Cole Beasley
  8. And So It Was Witten
  9. Dez for Prez
  10. Kittens Love Witten
  11. Smokin’ Weeden
  12. The Claiborne Identity
  13. When in Romo
  14. Wide Open Dezert
  15. Witten in the Stars
  16. Romosexual Tendencies
  17. Dez Nuts
  18. Crest Pro Wittening

Denver Broncos 2017 Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy Team Names - Denver Broncos

Montee Ball was the royal fantasy football disappointment in 2017. For now it appears that CJ Andersen will own the starting role, but it's Montee that stays in the 2017 Denver Broncos fantasy team name list.

  1. Montee Wrecking Ball
  2. Manning of Steel
  3. Mile High Manning
  4. Chutes and Latimers
  5. Super Bowlen
  6. Montee Ball So Hard
  7. Manning’s Deputies
  8. Manning the Helm
  9. Orange Julius
  10. Prater the Greater
  11. WareWolfes of Denver
  12. Mile High Club
  13. Broncaholics
  14. Mile High Mustache Ride
  15. Demaryius Targaryen
  16. Von Millerbrand Disease
  17. Dark Knighton Rises
  18. They See Me Bowlen
  19. Number 1 Fanning
  20. Manning of Steel
  21. Wild Wild Wes
  22. Von WareWolfe
  23. Miller Highlife
  24. Manning United F.C.
  25. Ingram Toenails
  26. Tamme Flu
  27. The Full Montee
  28. 3 Card Montee
  29. 2 Mannings 1 Cup
  30. Last Manning Standing

Detroit Lions 2017 Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy Football Team Names - Lions

  1. Jamaican Joique Chicken
  2. A Little Bush on My Johnson
  3. Hooked on Ebronics
  4. Megatrons Johnson
  5. The Reggie Bushwackers
  6. Living on a Prater
  7. Stafford Infection
  8. Joique to the World
  9. Golden Taint
  10. Gettin’ Ziggy With It
  11. Calvin’s Johnson
  12. The Joique-y Boys
  13. Keep Calm and Megatron
  14. Ansah To My Prayers
  15. Joique Your Chains

Green Bay Packers 2017 Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy Football Team Names - Packers

The Packers are a fan favorite due to a number of incredible talents and winning seasons. With Aaron Rodgers and the full supporting cast back for 2017, all we can do is get ready for some Green Bay success by choosing a killer fantasy team name.

  1. Lacy Under Ware
  2. Corn Cobb Pipe
  3. Shopping at Lacy's
  4. Prepare for the Clinton-Dix
  5. Monica Loves Clinton Dix
  6. Corn on the Cobb
  7. Armed Rodgery
  8. Lacy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
  9. Lambeau Leapers
  10. Lacy is Victorious Secret
  11. CheeseHead a Lot of Dix
  12. Teach Me How to Raji
  13. Favre from Retiring
  14. Aaron It Out
  15. Jumpin' For Jordy
  16. Slob On My Cobb
  17. The Cream of the Cobb

Houston Texans 2017 Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy Team Names - Texans

Man that Houston Texan defense is pretty remarkable. Yeah, they did win some fantasy football championships last year. For 2017 we're back with some even better 2017 Houston Texans fantasy team names.

  1. Insane Clowney Posse ft. DJ Watt
  2. Turn Down for Watt
  3. J.J. SWAT Team
  4. More Cushing for the Pushing
  5. Clowney Questions, Bro
  6. Clowney the Circus Centerpiece
  7. DeAndre Hopkins University
  8. Arian My Wayward Son
  9. A Foster Always Pays His Debts
  10. Arian Nation
  11. Run Foster Run!
  12. Send in the Clowneys
  13. Arian Foster's Brotherhood

Indianapolis Colts 2017 Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy Team NAmes - Colts

The Colts offense is poised for a killer 2017, both in fantasy football and real life. That's music to fantasy owners ears, which means they just need a killer Colts fantasy inspired team name to rub it in their opponents face just a little more.

  1. Playing With My Fleener
  2. Oscar Meyer Fleener
  3. Fleener-Schnitzel
  4. How I Lucked Your Mother
  5. Makin It Wayne
  6. Don’t Luck at my Fleener
  7. All You Need is Luck
  8. T.Y. Beanie Babies
  9. Natural Bjoern Killers
  10. Check My Balls
  11. The Luckness Monster
  12. Colt Following
  13. Bradshawshank Redemption
  14. Luck Be a Brady Tonight
  15. Luck My Ass
  16. T.Y Very Much

Jacksonville Jaguars 2017 Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy Football Team NAmes - Jaguars

The Jaguars never cease to amaze. Sometimes in good ways, most times in bad ways. For 2017 we're hoping for a turnaround for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Here's our 2017 fantasy team name guide for the Jags.

  1. Henne Given Sunday
  2. Blackmon and Decker
  3. Henne I Shrunk the Kids
  4. Can’t Keep a Blackmon Down
  5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Bortles
  6. Cecil Pants
  7. Full Metal Joeckel
  8. A Blackmon Stole My Radio
  9. Joeckel & Hyde
  10. Toby or Not To Be
  11. OMG! They Killed Henne!
  12. Orange is the New Blackmon
  13. Scobee and the Gerharts
  14. The Hurns Locker
  15. That's Supposed Toby a Graham?
  16. Make It Blaine

Kansas City Chiefs 2017 Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy Football Team Names - Chiefs

It's no secret that I'm a HUGE Kansas City Chiefs fan. That's probably why this list is so long. I found some awesome fantasy football team names for the Chiefs. Some of them are courtesy of ArrowheadPride readers (their username is noted). Here's what I've got for 2017 team names folks.

  1. CrocoKnile Dundee (from BJG1009)
  2. The Abdullah-oblongata (from ChiefBearcat)
  3. Breaston Largements (from DCherry35)
  4. 2 Girls 1 Succop (from CommanderinCHIEFS)
  5. He. Could. Go Jamaal. The. Way.
  6. Sutton Funny Is Going On Here
  7. Hungry HipPoe
  8. The Pillsbury PoeBoys
  9. Tommy Bahama Collectors Club
  10. Louie Aguiar’s Mustache
  11. Husain in the Membrane
  12. Reidburger in Paradise (from ChiefsandCigars)
  13. Reid’em & Weep
  14. Chiefs Without a Cassel
  15. Dontari’s Toe
  16. Kids in the Hali
  17. The Midwest Knile Virus
  18. Charles and The Touchdown Factory
  19. Reid Option
  20. Berry the Hatchet
  21. KCMasterPriest
  22. Dante’s Haulin Oates
  23. Fury of the Knile
  24. Zombo Apocalypse
  25. KC Chiefs R Us
  26. Hali Hali Oxen Free
  27. Jamaal’s Dash n Andy’s Stache
  28. Kniley and Cyrus
  29. Blitz Berry Crunch
  30. 50 Shades of Bray
  31. The Knile-High Club
  32. Tou-be Continued
  33. Avery Damn Time
  34. Sea of Reid
  35. Berry, Berry, Quite Dontari
  36. Jamaal Day Long
  37. I’m Your HuckleBerry
  38. Hali Berry’s TDs
  39. Colquitt While You’re Ahead
  40. You Don’t Know Poe
  41. Consider Me Knile Davis
  42. Doreidos
  43. The Hali Llama
  44. Grback to the Future
  45. Jamaalin’ me crazy?
  46. Too legit to Colquitt
  47. Shut the Succop!
  48. Charles in Charge
  49. King Without a Cassel

Miami Dolphins 2017 Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy Football Team Names - Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins made a big splash in free agency getting Suh in 2017. Time will tell if he's worth the money. Let's see how their offseason moves translated to their 2017 fantasy team names.

  1. Knowshons Eleven
  2. Mary-Ja’Wuan-A
  3. Till The Wake Drips From My Balls
  4. All These Mitchell’s Crawl
  5. Jimmy, Tannehill, Landry
  6. Cameron Wake and Bake
  7. Folding My Landry
  8. Suh’s Your Daddy Now
  9. Suh Girls, One Cup
  10. Suh Kids on the Block
  11. King of the Tannehil
  12. 30 Seconds to Lamar's
  13. Millers Mondays
  14. We're The Millers

Minnesota Vikings 2017 Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy Team Names - Vikings

With Adrian Peterson missing 2014 the Vikings weren't the same team they could have been. Now that he's back the Vikings may see success in 2017. I love Teddy Bridgewater and expect some big things from Minnesota. Here are their 2017 fantasy team names.

  1. The Blair Walsh Project
  2. Kalil Me Maybe
  3. The Bridgewater Connection
  4. No More Norv
  5. Adrian BeaterSon
  6. AP Switch Hitter
  7. Walsh Your Peterson
  8. Yankey My Johnson
  9. The Rhodes Ahead
  10. Open Up a Can of Peterson
  11. To the Window...To The Wallace
  12. Ponder The Future
  13. Shouldn't Have Gone to Jared
  14. All Day I Kalil
  15. Don't Touch My Peterson!

New England Patriots 2017 Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy Football Team Names - Patriots

The Patriots have been the talk of the NFL so far in 2017. They've won a Super Bowl, been accused of cheating by deflating footballs, fined by the league and still seem to be enjoying life. As you can imagine, many of the Patriots 2017 fantasy football team names are about what's surrounded the team.

  1. Hernandez Pistol Offense
  2. Hernandez Hit Men
  3. Gronk If You Wanna See My TD’s
  4. The Gronk Abides
  5. Medulla Amendola
  6. Brady Gaga
  7. Wilfork on the First Date
  8. Wilfork for Food
  9. Here’s My Number…Call Me Brady
  10. Koppen a Feel
  11. The Big Gostkowski
  12. Pimpin Ain’t Easley
  13. Ladies and Edelman
  14. Ridley’s Talib It or Not
  15. Burger Tyms
  16. Belicheck Yourself B4 You Rex Yourself
  17. Uggs and Thugs
  18. Wilfork for Food
  19. Too Easley
  20. LaFell in Love With a Girl
  21. Chronic Masterdeflater
  22. Caught Red Hernandezed
  23. Check My Balls
  24. Party Like a Gronk Star
  25. Brady and the Deflaters
  26. Brady Likes Soft Balls
  27. Airing It Out (of my balls)
  28. The Big Glasskowski
  29. Bad Mother Tucker
  30. I Don't Give a Tuck

New Orleans Saints 2017 Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy Football Team Names - Saints

I'll be honest, the Saints have had an offseason that I didn't expect. They shipped players all over (notably Jimmy Graham) and they took away some great fantasy team names for 2017. Don't worry, we've still got some good ones.

  1. Drill’er then Spill’er
  2. Natural Born Spiller
  3. Spiller High Life
  4. Spiller Genuine Draft
  5. Spiller? I Hardly Know Her!
  6. Ingram Toneails
  7. Cookin The Competition
  8. Easy Breesy Beautiful
  9. Breesus Christ

New York Giants 2017 Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy Football Team Names - Giants

The Giants are a team that people love to hate. Personally I don't hate them, just Eli. Sometimes. That stupid face he puts on really gets to me. I'm working through it. I think he can have some fantasy success with the emergence of OBJ, so let's see what 2017 has in store.

  1. Turn Your Head and Coughlin
  2. Let’s get Rasharded
  3. The Playbook of Eli
  4. Eli Looks at Things
  5. Formerly Known as Prince Amakamura
  6. Live and Let Diehl
  7. Cruz Control
  8. Turn Your Head and Coughlin
  9. Rashad Hour 2
  10. Don’t Ask Donnell
  11. Pulp Fictor Cruz
  12. Kiwanuklear Warfare
  13. Pierre-Paul and Mary
  14. Me Seahorny
  15. Go Tuck Yourself
  16. Strahan Solo
  17. Eli Super Manning
  18. Rashad Peter Jennings
  19. Andre The Giant
  20. Don't Ask Donnell

New York Jets 2017 Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy Team Names - Jets

The 2017 New York Jets are extremely interesting. They fire Rex Ryan, stick with Geno Smith and leave us with some interesting 2017 fantasy football team names. We've searched far and wide for the best 2017 fantasy football team names for the New York Jets.

We also touched on the New York Jets 2017 fantasy value in our AFC East fantasy football podcast.

  1. Geno-Cologists
  2. Coples Therapy
  3. Say My Namath
  4. I’m Harvin a Migrane
  5. Geno 911
  6. Pryor Knowledge
  7. Coples Therapy
  8. The Geno Project
  9. Ryanasaurus Rex
  10. Vicktorious
  11. Double Decker Sandwhich
  12. D’Brickishawshank Redemption
  13. Pryor Arrests
  14. Dis Willie Up Your Colon
  15. She Wants the Dee

Oakland Raiders 2017 Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy Team Names - Raiders

Oh the Oakland Raiders. They're always something special aren't they? They're back in 2017 with some improved offensive weapons. Hopefully that carries over to some new and improved 2017 fantasy football team names. Here's the best of the best for the 2017 Oakland Raiders.

  1. Corn on the Schaub
  2. Jones-Drew a Vick on Your Face
  3. Maid in McFadden
  4. Schaubshank Redemption
  5. 21 Jump Streeter
  6. Hand Schaub
  7. Schaub Through the Heart
  8. What Would Maurice Jones Drew?
  9. Chekwa-Self Before You Wreck Yo Self
  10. Mi Kasa Su Kasa
  11. Schaub Shank Redemption
  12. Holmesward Bound
  13. Sesame Streater
  14. Ayy, Must Be the Murray’s
  15. Silver and Mack
  16. Carrie Me Home
  17. Kahalil'n In The Name Of
  18. Hanning with Mr. Cooper
  19. Silence! I Khalil You!
  20. Murray Up Offense

Philadelphia Eagles 2017 Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy Football Team Names - Eagles

The 2017 Philadelphia Eagles certainly look a lot different than they did in 2014. With Chip Kelly gone there are bound to be some new fantasy football team names for 2016. Here are the best of the best 20172017 Eagles fantasy football team names.

  1. Sproles Royce
  2. Dirty Sanchez Butt-Fumblers
  3. It’s Always Runny in Philadelphia
  4. The Real Chip Shady
  5. Big Balls Chip
  6. So Good it Ertz
  7. Celekting a Name Ertz My Head
  8. Hanging With Cooper
  9. Phlying High
  10. Boykin Till It Ertz
  11. Shadydelphia
  12. It’s Always Shady in Chipadelphia
  13. Birds With Friends
  14. In the Vick of Time

Pittsburgh Steelers 2017 Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy Football Team Names - Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a bunch of fantasy value for 2017. They also have a bunch of great fantasy team names thanks to their players and their arrests. Here are the best Pittsburgh Steelers fantasy football team names for 2017.

  1. 99 Problems But Big Ben Ain’t One
  2. Le’Von on a Prayer
  3. Steel Curtain
  4. Moore Cow Bell
  5. Big Ben's Dating Service
  6. Marvin Martivis
  7. Lick My Antonio Brown
  8. Devonta more Weeden, Le'Veon?
  9. Anttonio's Brownies
  10. Wheaton Thins
  11. Pittsburgh Lie, Cheat & Steelers
  12. Le'Veon My Heyward Son
  13. Saved By the Bell
  14. Archer's Danger Zone
  15. Get Tuitt

Saint Louis Rams 2017 Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy Football TEam Names - Rams

The St. Louis Rams finally rid themselves of the injured Sam Bradford to bring Nick Foles into the fold. It's a bold move cotton.

Let's see if the St. Louis Rams 2017 fantasy football team names will fair any better than the team will.

  1. Bad Case of Laurinaitis
  2. Isaiah Pead on My Shoes
  3. Don't Be a Gurley Man
  4. Stafford-Upon-Tavon
  5. Tavon Austin 3:16
  6. Rams Bringing It Up The Rear

San Diego Chargers 2017 Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy Football Team Names - Chargers

  1. Messing With Manti
  2. She Gives Woodhead
  3. Cry Me a Rivers
  4. Bolt Up
  5. The Gates are Open
  6. Morning Woodhead
  7. Just Kaeding
  8. Mystic Rivers
  9. Philip Givers, Antonio Takes
  10. Rivers Me Timbers
  11. Every Kiss Begins With Kaeding
  12. Gates Screwed Me
  13. A Rivers Runs Through It

San Francisco 49ers 2017 Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy Team Names - 49ers

  1. Over the Salary Kaep
  2. Rate R for Gore
  3. Kaepernickelback
  4. Hard-Gore Porn
  5. Wine Her, Dine Her, 49er
  6. Multiple Gore-gasms
  7. The Bolding the Beautiful

Seattle Seahawks 2017 Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy Team Names - Seahwaks

  1. Fourth and Lynches
  2. Sherman Incompletion Act
  3. Marshawn of the Dead
  4. Pete Carol’s Bubble Gum
  5. 12th Man Records
  6. How My Skittles Taste
  7. Sherminator
  8. Full Hauschka
  9. 12th Men
  10. 4th and Lynches
  11. Legion of Doom
  12. The Marshawn Lynchers
  13. Hustle Wilson
  14. The Fail Marys
  15. Every Day I’m Russellin
  16. Seahawk Mafia
  17. Hubby was Percy Whipped
  18. A Shaved Percy is a Baldwin
  19. The Unger Games
  20. Russell Sprouts
  21. KamTrak
  22. Harvin a Good Time
  23. Sherman’s March
  24. RussellMania
  25. Tricky Dick’s Pick Six Clique
  26. Not in My Hauschka

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2017 Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy Team Names - Bucs

  1. Turn McCown for What!?

Tennessee Titans 2017 Fantasy Football Team Names

Fantasy Team Names - Titans

  1. You Sankeyed My Battleship
  2. Do the Stankey Leg

Washington Redskins 2017 Fantasy Football Team Names

Team Names - Washington Redskins

  1. RGIII With a Healthy Knee
  2. Orakpo’s Modern Life
  3. Say Helu to My Little Friend
  4. ABC, Easy as RG3
  5. WashingForeskins
  6. Garcon Daly

Other Fantasy Football Team Names for 2017

In addition to breaking fantasy football team names by team we've also included some of the most popular names incorporated with TV shows and movies.

Take a look at some of the coolest and wildest fantasy football team names for 2017 that we could find.

The Best Superhero Fantasy Football Team Names for 2017

  1. Kaeptain America
  2. Hammer of Gore
  3. Batman and Khiry Robinson
  4. The Flashad Jennings
  5. Wonder Womannuel Sanders
  6. The Vereen Lantern
  7. The Green Laenternick
  8. Dr. Manninghattan
  9. Captain Atom Brady
  10. WolVereen
  11. Mister Majestictor Cruz
  12. Professor FleX
  13. The Incredible Welk
  14. SilVernon Surfer
  15. Dr. DeStrangelo Williams
  16. SuperManning
  17. The Winston Justice League
  18. Teen Titans
  19. Zoo Cruz
  20. X-Menziel
  21. Flash Gordon
  22. A.J. Hawkeye
  23. Boomerisiarang
  24. Wes Luthor
  25. Dr. Maurice Jones-Doom

The Best James Bond Fantasy Football Team Names of 2017

We know you love James Bond and we know you love fantasy football. Sounds like it's time to combine James Bond with some of our favorite fantasy names. Ladies and gents we present the best James Bond fantasy football team names of 2017.

  1. Dr. Knowshon
  2. The Manziel with the Golden Gun
  3. Chad Ochopussy
  4. You Only Live Rice
  5. Pussy GaGore
  6. Green and Goldfinger
  7. Andy Dalton: The Best Bond
  8. Danny Goodhead/Holly Woodhead
  9. Live and Let Bye
  10. The Man With the Golden Tate
  11. For Your Eyes Garconly
  12. Diamonds Are Gorever
  13. License to Tannehill
  14. Montee ThunderBall
  15. Goldfingram
  16. The Living DayWrights
  17. Touchdwon Tomorrow Never Dies
  18. The Zuerlin Not Enough
  19. Anquantum of Solace
  20. Aaron Roddjob

The Best Saturday Night Live Fantasy Football Team Names of 2017

I love Saturday Night Live and you love Saturday Night Live, which means you deserve some incredible Saturday Night Live fantasy football team names. Here are the best Saturday Night Live fantasy football team names of 2017.

  1. Nicks in a Box
  2. My Pick in a Mock
  3. Eric Deck in a Box
  4. Van Down By Phil Rivers
  5. 2 Wild and Crabtree Guys
  6. Josh MacGruber
  7. Montee’s Schweddy Balls
  8. The Ken is Wrightier
  9. Lay Off Me I’m Harvin
  10. Debbie McCowner
  11. Gotta Have McCownbell
  12. Going to Pump Helu Up
  13. Reggie Wayne’s World
  14. Baby Don’t Ertz Me
  15. Oops I Crabtreed My Pants

The Best Breaking Bad Fantasy Football Team Names of


Breaking Bad may just be one of my favorite TV shows ever. I know I'm not alone in that fact. If you're as big of a Breaking Bad fan as I am you've probably looked for a way to combine the show with your fantasy team name.

You're in luck because we've done all the hard work for you! Here are 25 of the top Breaking Bad fantasy football team names for 2017. Say my name...

  1. Kaep’N Cook
  2. Blue Sky Bros
  3. Flyn Is Cerebral Ballsy
  4. Dammit Marie!
  5. DEA Agent Goodell
  6. Vamanos Pests
  7. Better Call Montee Ball
  8. Skinny Pete and the Badgers
  9. Walter White’s Tighty Whities
  10. Heisenburglers
  11. Flynn’s Breakfast Club
  12. The Salamanca Hit Squad
  13. Yo, Gatorade Me, Bitch!
  14. Big Ben Heisenburger
  15. Rashard Methenhall
  16. The Box Cutters
  17. Have an A1 Day
  18. Bogdan’s Eyebrows
  19. Second Cellphone
  20. Say My Name
  21. Pizza on the Roof
  22. Pinkman Punters
  23. Somkin’ da Ricin
  24. The Schradernaters
  25. Heisenberg's Hitmen

The Best South Park Fantasy Football Team Names of


South Park is a classic that nearly every fantasy football fan has heard of. If you haven't, go check it out.

But seriously, here are some of the best South Park fantasy football team names for 2017. If you love fantasy football and South Park, this is the list for you.

  1. Screw You Guys, I’m Santonio Holmes – Cartmans’ Catch Phrase
  2. The Marc Trest-Man-Bear-Pigs – Episode 10.6 from ManBearPig
  3. The Michael Crab-tree People – Episode 7.8 from South Park is Gay
  4. Kayne West Loves RG Three Sticks – Episode 13.5 from Fishsticks
  5. Michael Huff-Cabbage – Episode 14.9 from It’s a Jersey Thing
  6. Butter’s Bottom Bitches – Episode 13.9 from Butters Bottom Bitch
  7. OH MY GOD THEY KILLED HENNE! – The Boys Catch Phrase
  8. Josh Gordon, Drugs are Bad Mmkay – Episode 2.4 from Ike’s Wee Wee
  9. John Kuhn & Friends – Episode 14.11-14.13 from Coon & Friends
  10. Bishop Sankey & Christmas Poo’s – Episode 1.1 from Mr. Hankey The Christmas Poo

The Best Game of Thrones Fantasy Football Team Names of 2017

I know that the Game of Thrones has a passionate fan-base behind it which is why it was only appropriate to add some of the best fantasy football team names related to the show. I’ve personally never seen Game of Thrones (it’s on my to-do list) but I promise I’ve pulled some of the best options out there.

  1. Winterfell Direwolves
  2. Dothraki Dragons
  3. King’s Landing Wildfire
  4. Castle Black Crows
  5. Crossing Massacre
  6. Casterly Rock Red Cloaks
  7. Iron Islands Storm
  8. Westeros Wildings
  9. Astapor Unsullied
  10. Northern White Walkers

The Best True Detective Fantasy Football Team Names of


True Detective is considered by some to be the best show on TV right now. As so many people have grown to be fans, we felt it was only fair to include some True Detective Fantasy Football team names for 2017. Here are some of the best ones we could find:

  1. RustleMania
  2. Cohle’s Lone Star All-Stars
  3. Rust-i-culous
  4. Marty’s Lonely Hart Club Band
  5. Hart Investigative Solutions
  6. Regular Type Dude With a Big …
  7. LeDoux and LeDonts
  8. The Yellow Kings
  9. The Devil Catchers
  10. The Spaghetti Monsters
  11. The Lawnmover Man
  12. The Flat Circles
  13. Barbie Doll Gangbang
  14. The Iron Crusaders
  15. The Grapes of Erath
  16. Bad Men at the Door
  17. Dora’s Explorers
  18. The Monster at the End
  19. Debts to be Paid
  20. Cohle Hearted Snake

I’ve never seen True Detective, but I bet a few of these fantasy football team names resonate with your True Detective fans.

The Best The League Fantasy Football Team Names of 2017

The league is an instant classic for fantasy football fans everywhere. Although some of the fantasy football team names you’ll see below are commonplace in the industry, we believe that they still act as great options for certain owners. In fact, I love some of these fantasy football team names to death. Maybe it’s just because I really enjoy the show.

  1. Try the Veal
  2. Password is Taco
  3. The Bobbum Men
  4. The Scrote Squad
  5. Mr. McGibblets
  6. The Shiva Blasts
  7. Dick Cream
  8. The Herdsman
  9. Sacko del Toro
  10. Taco Corp
  11. El Cunado
  12. Gattaca
  13. Double Dropping Deuces
  14. The Mental Erections
  15. Tit Whiskey
  16. The Fear Boners
  17. Tinker Stinkers
  18. The Rafi Bombs
  19. The Breastalyzers
  20. Shiva Blast
  21. $7 Worth of Hoobastank
  22. The Trade Rapists
  23. The Mayan A-Cock-A-Lips
  24. Jizzclosure
  25. Ol’Smoke Crotch
  26. Chalupa Batmans
  27. The White Knucklers
  28. The Dirty Randys
  29. Brolo el Cunado
  30. The Murder Boners

Even if you aren’t enjoying these “The League” inspired fantasy football names for 2017 I recommend checking out the show from season 1. It’ll get you hooked and keep you coming back for more. These fantasy football team names will keep your fantasy spirit alive all season long.

The Best Workaholics Fantasy Football Team Names for


Workaholics is a classic comedy central show that has grown a wild and passionate fan base. Many love it while others can’t stand it. For those of you that are looking to add some Workaholics team names to your fantasy football life I recommend checking out the suggestions below. They’re the best Workaholics fantasy football team names we’ve found online to date.

  1. The Raw Doggers
  2. The Dad Dicks
  3. Fully Torqued
  4. Straight Grizzly’s
  5. God Damned Farm Shamans
  6. The Wizards
  7. Big Ol’ God Titties
  8. Silver Rights Activists
  9. Fry Guys
  10. The Tight Buttholes
  11. Brociopath
  12. Deputy Dong
  13. MeatJerkinBeefBoys
  14. Dry Guys
  15. Thor’s Hammer
  17. The Chupacabrajes
  18. Water Trash
  19. Chamilitary Ment
  20. Tezmanian Devils

The Best Archer Themed Fantasy Football Team Names for 2017

The TV show Archer has gained a ton of fans across the world, and rightfully so. It only makes sense that Archer fans want to incorporate one of their favorite shows with their fantasy football league. These are some of the best Archer Fantasy Football Team Names that we could find:

  1. Duchesses
  2. Danger Zone
  3. Lana’s Vulva
  4. ALLO!
  5. Shit Snacks
  6. Fister Roboto
  7. Team Live Badass
  8. Horatio Cornblowers
  9. Team Meouschwitz
  10. Whore Island Ocelots
  11. Archers of Lovecrosse
  12. Sploosh!
  13. The Whordiots
  14. Green Rusians
  15. Piggly Pigskins
  16. Casa Blumpkin League!
  17. The Pele of Anal
  18. Poovey Farmers
  19. Rich Ass Tunts
  20. Dicknuts
  21. Ocelotta Touchdowns
  22. Fisto-roboto's
  23. Team Other Barry
  24. Rays Rimmers
  25. Archers of Loaf-crosse

Dr. Who Theme Fantasy Football Team Names for 2017

I’ll be honest, I’ve never seen Dr. Who in my life. What I do know is that there are a ton of fans across America that absolutely love the show. With a great fan base comes fantasy football themed team names. Here are some of the best Dr. Who fantasy football team names for 2017.

  1. Cult of Skaro
  2. Sparrow and Nightingale
  3. Jammy Dodgers
  4. Pandorica
  5. Team Gallifrey
  7. The Fightin’ Feezes
  8. Hooverville Outcasts
  9. Feezes and Bowties
  10. The Faces of Bowe

Classic Fantasy Football Team Names 2017

Everyone loves a classic and some of these classic fantasy football team names will never go out of style. We’ve found some that we love and others that we don’t, but that's the thing about classics. There’s always room for debate.

  1. Naughty by Nurture
  2. Easy Breesy Beautiful
  3. Straight Outta Tomlin
  4. Living on a Prater
  5. EZ-Dez It
  6. Jive Turkeys
  7. The Dark Side of Warren Moon
  8. Forte Acres and a Mule
  9. Scobee Snacks
  10. Too Legit to Britt

There are tons of other classic fantasy football team names out there. These are just some of the most popular ones we’ve seen online in 2017.

The Best Fantasy Football Team Names Based on TV Shows for 2017

We all know that there are thousands of TV shows that we all love and would love to create fantasy football team names off of them. You’re in luck because we’ve broken down some of the best fantasy football team names based off tv shows. Some of the best ones include:

  1. Scobbe Snacks
  2. Jersey Leshoure
  3. Tashard by an Angel
  4. Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood
  5. Game of Throwns
  6. Dancin’ With Jacoby
  7. Kendall the Bounty Hunter
  8. Helu Kitty
  9. Hatfields & McCoys
  10. King of the Tannehill
  11. Shootin’ Newton
  12. Is That Your Final Ansah?
  13. Arreliousted Development
  14. Stafford & Son
  15. Talib it to Beaver

The Best Fantasy Football Team Names of 2017

These are some of the best fantasy team names we could find online. I didn’t come up with these names on my own, in fact, I pulled them from various sources online. So thank you to everyone for having some great team names. This shoutout includes Reddit, the users of Reddit and various other sites across the internet. You’ve given us all a nice variety of fantasy football team names for 2017.

We believe this is the best of bunch and that some of these names will get a laugh or two. In fact, even if you don’t use these names you should enjoy reading some of them.

If you have some other great fantasy team names that you think we missed, share them below. We’d love to grow the list further.

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