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2021 Football Podcast Fantasy AdvicePodcast
October 24, 2020

Week 7 Fantasy Football Preview - Episode 327

It's week 7! That means you've had 6 weeks to figure out if your team stinks, or has a real shot in 2020.  Walsh and…
Fantasy Advice - 2021 Football PodcastPodcast
October 14, 2020

Week 6 Fantasy Football Preview- Episode 326

It’s the week 6 fantasy preview! It’s become make or break time ladies and gents. If you’re not winning, make some moves. It’s time to…
Fantasy Football Advice 2021Podcast
October 7, 2020

Week 5 Fantasy Football Preview - Episode 325

With week 5 rapidly descending on us, there are two ways you can look at the fantasy outlook: Panic or Get-Right. Luckily for you guys,…
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