Comparing the Outstanding Careers of Jason Witten and Antonio Gates

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I want you to close your eyes and remember a simpler time. Oh, well, I guess you can't read with your eyes closed, so go ahead and open them. Whoops, I guess you can't read that, either. I will just wait until you open your eyes again.

Oh, hey. Welcome back! How was your nap?

Let's venture together way back to the year 2003. It was a magical year. 50 Cent's absurdly popular album Get Rich or Die Tryin' was released. Outkast unleashed Hey Ya! on the masses. The greatest movie of all-time was also released that year. I am talking, of course, about Cradle 2 the Grave starring Jet Li and DMX.

In that same year, Jason Witten and Antonio Gates began their careers in the NFL.

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Photo by Keith Allison