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Week 16 Fantasy Streaming Options

By December 18, 2014No Comments

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, glad to see you all again! Hopefully you’re onto the fantasy championships, thanks, at least in part, to some good ol’ streaming. For those of you who don't know, this column is where I go through the best fantasy options at QB, TE, and DEF this week that are probably sitting on your waiver wire. I’d like to start by apologizing for the Johnny Football call last week. He was my top streaming quarterback. I started him in 2 of my 3 semi-final matchups, so I feel the pain of JFF just as much as you guys do. Hopefully you either chose a different streamer or were able to get around it. Also, even though most leagues only run through Week 16, I know some of you play in 17-week leagues. Don’t worry, I’ll have another streaming article up next week. Now, without further ado, let’s get right into your Week 16 options.


Robert Griffin III, Washington Redskins (VS PHI)

With Colt McCoy injured, the Redskins are going back to RGIII. The good news is that he was very fantasy relevant in relief of McCoy last week and now faces a weak Philly secondary in what should be a high-scoring affair. You’re never truly comfortable rolling with Griffin, but he’s one of the better streamers on the board this week.

Kyle Orton, Buffalo Bills (AT OAK)

Oakland’s been better at home lately, but Buffalo is still a heavy favorite here. Orton’s been a serviceable fantasy quarterback for most of this year, scoring 14 or more points in 7 out of his 10 starts. You can count on him for another 14-20 point performance this week.

Alex Smith, Kansas City Chiefs (AT PIT)

You could probably sum up Alex Smith’s fantasy football life with the phrase “He’s not as bad as you would think.”  Smith only has one single-digit game since week 5, and he’s averaging 14.6 points per game over that stretch. The matchup with Pittsburgh is a good one, and he should play well.


Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys (VS IND)

Witten’s going to be part of high-scoring game, he plays just about every snap every week, and he saw eight targets last week. As a rule, tight ends suck, so you’ll take the guy in a shootout getting targets.

Jared Cook, St. Louis Rams (VS NYG)

Cook’s got a nice matchup against the Giants, and, despite underperforming last week, he did get seven targets. Again, you’ll take a tight end seeing that many looks any day of the week.

Dwayne Allen, Indianapolis Colts (VS DAL)

Dwayne Allen isn’t seeing targets like the other two, but he’s always a major redzone target. With tight end being as thin as it is, I’m ok with playing a guy who gets 3-5 targets a game, as long as he’s likely to catch them near the endzone.


I’m cheating and going with 4 options. I like a lot of defenses this week. Sue me.

Buffalo Bills (AT OAK)

The Bills D shut down Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers in the past two weeks. Now they head to Oakland.

Carolina Panthers (VS CLE)

I don’t think Johnny Manziel will have nearly as bad a week as he did this past one, but the Browns have no run game and will probably commit some turnovers. The Panthers at home is a no brainer.

Jacksonville Jaguars (VS TEN)

Jacksonville’s defense is obviously not good, but neither is Tennessee’s offense. They also have 25 giveaways on the season. With Jacksonville at home, they’re a solid play that is definitely available for you.

Green Bay Packers (AT TB)

I’d expect Green Bay to be playing from ahead, which means Josh McCown (or Mike Glennon) will be chucking the ball up. That will likely lead to turnovers and points for the Green Bay D.

Alright guys, that does it for me this week. If you have any lineup questions or just wanna talk some fantasy football, @nwalshington on twitter is the best place to get in touch. Best of luck with your week 16 matchups!

Nick Walsh