Did Tyreek Hill Harm His Child? New Text Messages Say No

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BREAKING - Text messages between Tyreek and Crystal per KC Chiefs Beat reporter.

Now that we've taken a look at that real quick, let's digest it.

While it's clear that the image above isn't a screenshot of the actual conversation, does something seem off to you?

Let me start by saying, I'm a diehard KC Chiefs fans (for those that don't know) and I hope the allegations are false, but I'll never be on board with someone who lays their hands on their children/husbands/wives etc.

There's something about the messages that feel forced...possibly a crafted response.

Now, I'm not an expert in any way and that's just my opinion.  But is it crazy to think that Crystal is now concerned about Tyreek losing his career/facing legal discipline/etc. and is willing to claim responsibility? Totally possible. It's also possible that this is the truth and she's owning it.

In Tyreek's letter to the NFL about the case, they stated that forensic analyst has reviewed months of text messages between the couple and that the search revealed no violent texts, name-calling or deleted messages.

Obviously, Tyreek's lawyer is doing the job he is paid to do, but he's creating an interesting case for the NFL (and the AP) to review.

As a whole, this situation is only going to get more interesting by the day. With new reports indicating the league will NOT use the Commissioner's Exempt list, this saga may continue well into offseason camps.

So grab your popcorn and take a seat; we're just getting started.

Main photo courtesy of (Charlie Riedel/Associated Press) via Washington Post. Image is owned by them and all rights are reserved.

Nick Schreck