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Free Signed NFL Merchandise from Tough Season 2

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For many of us fantasy football is an addiction that reaches epic proportions throughout the Summer and Fall. Leading up to drafts in August fantasy analysts, players and fans go crazy over even the slightest bit of news.

We all foolishly trust the words of coaches in the preseason and we blindly take the advice of fantasy analysts and podcast hosts with the hope it will lead us all to the promised land. The reality is that luck (not just Andrew Luck) plays a role in everything that happens and your silly ritual of not washing your underwear during draft week may not really work.

Regardless of your league size, location and rules, you certainly have some preconceived notions about what works and what doesn’t (no matter how crazy it may seem to everyone else). For those of you who don’t play fantasy football or just listen to your friends, family or significant other talk about it (my girlfriend loves it) you probably believe we’re all crazy and over dramatic, and that might be true.

Making the Craziness of Fantasy Football a Reality

Fantasy Football Advice

That’s why Lenovo, an NFL Sponsor, launched season 2 of it’s wildly popular fantasy football “mockumentary” Tough Season. It’s a humorous 13-episode series, developed and produced by Lenovo, DigitasLBI and the in-house creative services division of The Onion, Onion Labs.

They came together with seven current and former NFL stars, Andrew Luck, Matt Forte, Alfred Morris, AJ Green, Wes Welker, Mason Crosby and Doug Flutie to mock the fantasy football world we’ve all come to love.

The Fantasy Football Storyline

The series, Tough Season 2, revolves around perennial fantasy football loser Brad Blevins (actor Tim Baltz) using Lenovo’s Yoga 2 Pro and support from NFL stars to secure his first-ever office fantasy title.

In season two, the question remains on how Brad will defend his title, if he will let his success and his Lenovo spokesman contract go to his head and if he can count on his NFL friends to perform up to championship standards.

With the series already nearing completion of season 2 we won’t ruin the ending for you. In fact we’d encourage you to watch the series from start to finish here:

Think of it as a Netflix type binge. Except it’s a binge that may just change your perspective on fantasy football forever. Plus you’ll get to see some true NFL stars outside of their element.

I know what you’re thinking, real NFL Stars + Fantasy Football = Some Pretty Cool Shit. We’d have to agree. I mean listen to what we learned about these two NFL stars:

  • Matt Forte was named the crosswalk hero by his local newspaper, for helping some kids who got stuck in the crosswalk.
  • AJ Green thought being named Summerville's best young juggler at the age of 5 was the best thing to ever happen to him, until he helped Brad defend his title.

With incredible nominations and surprises like that, we thought it was only right to hook you up with a surprise of our own.

Win Signed NFL Merch

Tough Season Fantasy Football

In conjunction with Lenovo we'll be giving away a piece of signed NFL merch to one of our lucky readers. It's free to participate, but as always there's a catch so listen up.

The rules:

  • You can only enter once. No gaming the system.
  • If you're a writer for the site (or an immediate family member of one) you can't win. Sorry about that.
  • To enter you need to do 2 things:
    • Comment on the blog below (It's free to signup/in) and tell us about your funniest moment in sports, whether it's personal or something that happened at a pro game/event.
    • Complete the form on this page (you can't miss it) with all of the required info. So when you win we can send your info to Lenovo to get you your prize.

We know we tend to be loose with our words at Let's Talk Fantasy Football, but please keep your comments and stories acceptable. If you have to ask if it's okay to write, don't write it.

If your entry violates these rules in any way, your entry will be deemed void.

Important Things to Note

Although it's not required to enter the contest, we'd appreciate if you could "like" and/or "follow" LenovoUS on Facebook and Twitter.

Fantasy Football Advice - Tough Season

Please note that this content IS sponsored by Lenovo and we're being compensated for taking part. We'd still like them even if they didn't compensate us, but the law is you need to know.

We welcome any questions and concerns about the series and contest.

Contest End Date: 12/23/14 at 11:59pm EST.

Contest Winner: The winner will be randomly selected via Rafflecopter and your information will be provided to Lenovo.

Other Notes: All fulfillment of prize(s) will be handled by Lenovo. We accept no responsibility for the prizes, their values or delivery.

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Here's How to Enter

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