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The Top Fantasy Football Experts

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There are hundreds of fantasy football experts spouting off on blogs and websites around the globe. Many of them are now considered insiders in the industry as they have been with fantasy football since its early days.

As there are so many different experts across the globe that you can listen to, it’s important to realize that they all have strengths and weaknesses, us included.

That’s why I picked three of the best fantasy football experts you'll find, and have broken down what makes them an expert, and what makes us wish for something more from them.

These three are in no particular order, although it is important to note that I’m a huge Matthew Berry fan.

The numbers and statistics you  find below are courtesy of They evaluate a number of different fantasy experts over the course of the year and crown a winner based on multiple different factors.

There are many lesser-known people who ranked higher than all of the guys below and are definitely fantasy football experts.

Matthew Berry of ESPN

Matthew Berry is among the best known fantasy football experts around. Not only are his columns engaging and humorous, but he doles out some pretty important insights. He has been on the scene for years, writing for a number of different fantasy football outfitters before landing with ESPN.

Now, serving as the director of fantasy football, he has some clout. He knows what he's talking about, and he's seen a lot of seasons of fantasy football since he first entered the scene. His accuracy comes in at about 56%, which, while not great, is acceptable.

While Berry is a great writer with some top notch insight, many people don't take his predictions too seriously. His writing is marred in hyperbole, which makes for great reading, but if you're looking for a quick skim on predictions he's not the guy you want to go seeking out.

His "hate" list, for example, often includes players he simply thinks are overrated, not necessarily the ones that he believes will perform poorly. This can be a bit confusing, especially for those looking for fantasy football experts that speak to newbies.

If you are intermediate or advanced fantasy football nut, Berry has some very solid, if unconventional suggestions.

Dalton Del Don of Yahoo! Sports

Dalton Del Don has an average accuracy rating hovering right around 60%, while it doesn't make him the top guy in the industry, he's among the best, falling around the 19th spot on many lists. There are a lot of fantasy football experts out there and Del Don ranks among the best. So, what's so great about him?

During the off season he spends his time reporting on baseball and making fantasy predictions for it. He's got an overall feel for sports in general, and how the inner-workings of it all play out.

With this type of background, he easily moves between football and baseball, and offers a much more rounded perspective than other experts who focus exclusively on football. He managed to accurately predict TE action roughly 64% of the time last season, making him one of the best experts in that particular area of the game.

While Dalton's well-rounded background makes him a great expert, sometimes his attention seems split, especially early on in the season.

He heats up as football heads into December and January, but his early predictions leave a bit to be desired. One has to wonder if that is directly related to his dedication to both baseball and football, oh, and he dabbles in fantasy basketball a touch, too.

If you are in search of an expert who is clutch in the later rounds of fantasy football, Dalton is your guy, but other experts have him beat in early play.

Michael Fabiano of

Michael Fabiano is one of the experts over at, and for good reason. He has an accuracy rating of 59.2%, with his best accuracy coming from running backs.

Fabiano has a pretty intricate understanding of the running game, and he happily shares his wealth of knowledge. His knowledge of quarterbacks isn't too shabby either, with an accuracy rating hovering around 58%.

His writing style isn't for everyone either, however he makes logical predictions that a newcomer to the sport should have no problem understanding.

The Best Fantasy Football Experts Online

The thing is, there’s no right answer as to who is the best. In fact, if you base being the best purely off statistical accuracy, none of these guys would be listed in the top 15 according to

What qualifies them as three of my favorites, and as a recommendation as fantasy experts, is the combination of skill, conversation and detail they provide. Each offers a unique perspective to evaluate. At the end of the day, I’ll take the information and use it to make my own decisions. I don’t want to be following anyone’s info as gospel.

Who else would you recommend as a fantasy football expert? We’d all love to gain some additional perspectives.

Nick Schreck