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It's Time for Fireworks in Jerry's World - Tony Romo is Ready to Shine

By May 22, 2014No Comments

Just light the fuse and you'll see a fireworks display like you've never seen before. The pieces are all falling into place for Tony Romo to have a year of fantasy football production like he's never had before. At least I'd like to believe so.

By now we all know that the Dallas Cowboys decided to pass on Johnny football in round 1 of the 2014 NFL draft. Although Jerry Jones was rumored to have been very interested in selecting Manziel, he ultimately believed that Romo was the guy to stick with. Say what you will about Romo and his tendency to choke in big games, he does know how to perform in fantasy football, at least sometimes.

It's All About Value

I'll start by saying that drafting Tony Romo comes completely down to value, but then again, so do a lot of players. You can argue that he's been a Top 10 fantasy quarterback in 6 of the past 7 years. However, you could also argue that he continues to let you down when his peers do not.

Of course, value is very relative. Some leagues believe that you need to take quarterbacks early, while others believe that the position is too deep to simply care. I'll take Tony Romo in round 7 of 2014 fantasy drafts and I'd love the value of him there. Over the past three years he's averaged 4,305 passing yards, 3 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. Of course they're not Peyton Manning numbers, but it's a level of comfort I've rarely had with my quarterbacks in the past.

The Offseason Additions I Love

I've written about some additions to the Cowboys previously, but I feel they're too important to not mention again. During the 2014 offseason the Cowboys added former Lions offensive coordinator Scott Linehan. He worked with a receiver who is arguably the best in the game over the past 5 years (Calvin).

It's not crazy to think that he can help turn Romo into a top-8 fantasy QB or even a top-5 QB. I mean during his past 8 seasons in the NFL (as a coordinator and head coach) his team finished in the top 5 in passing offense in 4 of those years. With three of those years coming in 2011-2013. I have a feeling we might see a fourth one straight.

When you look at the weapons that Tony Romo and Linehan has to play with, you have to love the odds. I mean Dez Bryant has finished as a top-5 receiver for the past four years, which means with the addition of a more pass happy coordinator he should see even more looks.

Let's not forget about Demarco Murray in the run game. Although Linehan is known for being more pass happy, he'll still run the ball often. A few less touches may actually be beneficial to Demarco and help keep him healthy. And of course you know he's going to get involved in the passing game, at least Reggie Bush and Joique Bell did in Detroit. Together they combined for 107 catches in 2013, which means Demarco Murray owners should be licking their chops.

Taking It All In Stride

I clearly love the potential of Tony Romo for the 2014 fantasy season. However you should keep in mind that I'm looking for the positives that Tony Romo has shown over the years. For as many times as he's saved you, he's cost you a must win fantasy game.

Don't overreact to the hiring of Linehan, however I think you're crazy if it doesn't impact your fantasy rankings or feelings on Tony Romo.

I think Jerry Jones may finally see some excitement on offense in the house that Jerry built. At the very least I'm hoping for some great fantasy production. Don't let me down Tony.

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Nick Schreck