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The NFL Just Caused The National Fantasy Football Conference to Be Canceled

By June 5, 2015No Comments

Sounds completely unlike the NFL right?

Well the rumors are true folks, the iron fist of the NFL has struck again by shutting down the 1st National Fantasy Football Conference scheduled for this July 10th in Las Vegas.

Whether Goodell has a personal hand in shutting down the event is all personal speculation on my part. But the man does run the NFL after all, so there's a chance he was involved.

Regardless, the NFL has officially shut down the NFFC.

An event that was founded and sponsored by Tony Romo, he's an NFL player for the record.

Why God, Why?

The NFFC has posted a heartfelt letter to fans and participants on their website explaining that "a direct result of sudden and unexpected opposition taken by the NFL concerning player participation and their perceived association with gambling for an event in Las Vegas."

It was my understanding that the NFL has always been supporters of the fantasy football community, fans and people as a whole.

I guess not.

It now appears that the NFL (after not saying anything in the months leading up to the event) is unhappy with the connection that the event will portray due to the NFL players that were slated to be in attendance.

It was confirmed, prior to the event's cancelation, that NFL stars such as Tony Romo, Eddie Lacy, Jamaal Charles, Rob Gronkowski and so many others would be in attendance. This was slated to be the first fantasy conference of its time to include NFL stars that fans could interact with, meet and have the experience of a lifetime.

A source has told me that there were rumored to be hefty fines coming for players if they attended and took part in the event.

Without the players in attendance the NFFC felt they couldn't provide the fans and fantasy football community the experience they deserved and were promised. This led to the cancellation of the event, although the NFL didn't require them to cancel the event.

Not Without a Fight

Despite the recent setback, the National Fantasy Football Conference has indicated that they will be back for 2016 in LA.

They've indicated that they will reach out to each person who registered individually to right the wrong and offer refunds and/or benefit packages for the 2016 conference.

Personally I'm thrilled that the NFFC is ready to fight back and move the conference for 2016. It's just a shame that we have to wait until next year to attend.

Now it's time for me to go cancel my flight and hotel room for the 2015 event, damn NFL.

What do you guys think about all of this? Tell us below.

Here's the NFFC's full post from their website:


It’s with incredibly heavy hearts that we announce to you that we will be postponing the National Fantasy Football Convention, as we no longer feel comfortable and confident in delivering on our intent, ambitions, and opportunities for fans. This is a direct result of sudden and unexpected opposition taken by the NFL concerning player participation and their perceived association with gambling for an event in Las Vegas.

We could not be more shocked and disappointed by the events of the past few days, and we want to extend our sincerest apologies for any inconveniences, frustrations, and disappointment this will undoubtedly cause. We also want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your support and interest in the National Fantasy Football Convention.

But we can promise you this: we are not going away. We will return in 2016, as we are excited to announce that the inaugural National Fantasy Football Convention will be hosted July of 2016 in Los Angeles, California.
While we regret not being able to bring the inaugural NFFC to Las Vegas, we’re thrilled about the abundance of opportunities that Southern California awards to our attendees, partners, and players.

To our registrants, in the coming weeks, we will be reaching out to you to handle this matter personally, providing each of you with a choice of either a full refund or a significant complementary benefit package for the 2016 Convention, in our appreciation and gratitude for your support.

Thank you once again for your tremendous interest in the NFFC. On behalf of Tony Romo and our entire staff, we’re honored to have undertaken this journey with you, and we can’t wait for you to experience what 2016 has in store.

The National Fantasy Football Convention,

For any questions please contact us at:
Phone: 214.525.6770
Email: [email protected]

*this article was updated with new information as of 6/6/15 at 12pm.

Nick Schreck