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The Best Blockers of 2019 in Fantasy Football

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Anyone with a good amount of tactical insight into football will know that blocking can and does have a major impact on producing skilled players. Blocking is a fundamental that is crucial but often overlooked by fantasy football team managers that are usually obsessed with offensive ability and just that. However, the fact is that a great team is not made with just a great offense. 

Football is a team sport, there are some talented individuals who stand out from the crowd, but how well they play and perform is inevitably dependent on the rest of their teammates too. This is how good blockers can really get skilled players to shine by letting them do what they are good at and not worry too much about the blocking. Blockers are unsung heroes, but today we are going to give them some long due attention. So, if you play fantasy NFL and want to find some impactful sleepers in terms of the best blockers that can drastically change your ranking and scores, look no further. 

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Alex Mack – Atlanta Falcons 

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Alex Mack is a must-have in your fantasy football team. He is undoubtedly the best run-blocking center that the NFL has seen at least for the last three years. His run blocking success rate percentages in 2016 and 2017 has been a wildly impressive 20.35 and 19.7% respectively. Granted his numbers stooped a bit in the 2018 season. He was still 2018’s top run-blocking center even at a run-blocking success percentage of 15.90%. 

So, if you need a good center with a great run blocking stat, Alex Mack is your man. Two other centers that would rank 2nd and 3rd after Mack is going to be Jason Kelce and Ryan Kelly with run blocking success percentages of 14.82% and 12.64% respectively in 2018. Any of these players would be a gem of an addition to your fantasy football team. 

Shaq Mason, New England Patriots 

Shaq Mason deserves a huge chunk of credit for the success of the New England Patriots of late. He is possibly one of the best guards in the NFL right now having secured PFF’s best guard with a score of 85.0 and a staggering run – blocking score of 80.6. 

In each of the prior three seasons, Mason has been consistent and achieved a run-block success percentage of over 14.96% which is not a walk in the park by any means. Can’t get Shaq Mason for your fantasy football team? Other alternatives in this position could be Quenton Nelson with a run-block success percentage of 14.51% and Connor McGovern with a run-block success percentage of 13.81%. 

Rob Havenstein, Los Angeles Rams 

Haventstein was placed before his teammate and veteran Andrew Whitworth as the PFF’s highest-graded offensive tackles in run-blocking grade last season. For his position, he has the highest run-blocking success rate at 12.75%. 

The Rams have made an excellent strategic decision by securing Havenstein courtesy of a four-year contract. Considering his annual salary which is an average $8.125 million, he is cheaper than the top 20 highest-paid offensive tackles in the NFL, and has so far been better than any of them. Alternatives to Havenstein would be Taylor Lewan with a run-blocking success percentage of 12.57% and Mike McGlinchey with a run-blocking success rate percentage of 11.96%.