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8 Players to Target and Avoid in Fantasy Football Due to Their Early-Season Schedules

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Is it foolish to analyze NFL schedules for fantasy football purposes?

If you nodded your head while reading that question, then you must think projecting a player's stat line is a worthless exercise, too. Or what about forecasting overall team performance? Because of the unpredictable nature of the NFL, should we just...not predict?

It's true that the NFL landscape sees big-time changes year over year. A defense that was good at, say, stopping the pass one year may not be good at it during the next.

But we can still use data and information to make sound predictions. We can still forecast. We should still forecast.

And that includes looking at team schedules to see if a player has a promising road ahead or not.

Actually, examining a team's early-season schedule can be even more beneficial for fantasy owners. Because not only are you able to spot players who you can stream once things begin, but it allows you to find guys you can buy low or sell high later in the season.

So, given this game theory component, let's take a look at eight players -- or groups of players -- with favorable or unfavorable matchups to start the 2018 season.

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