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The Best Stranger Things Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019

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The Best Stranger Things Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019

The Netflix hit series, Stranger Things, is half science fiction and half horror show that takes place in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. The timeline of the popular series is set in the 1980s as the first season dealt with an ongoing investigation of the disappearance of a local boy. His friends were aided in their search for him by a girl with supernatural powers as they looked for clues to his disappearance. However, they unearthed a series of extraordinary events and secret federal government programs to the community in their search. The following seasons dealt with the character's attempt to return back to their normal life after the events that occurred in the show's first season.

The fan reaction to Stranger Things has been quite overwhelming due to the show's homage to the 1980s as far as the dialogue, soundtrack and costume designing. Often, they come out in full force if any of the cast members are making a public appearance at such events like Comic-Con in San Diego.

The show's popularity doesn't seem to be lessening as the fans seem to like the direction of where the storyline is going in future episodes. Since the show's debut on Netflix three years ago, Stranger Things has exploded on the scene with worldwide popularity as it's the second most-watched original series on the network behind Orange is the New Black.

The Best Stranger Things Fantasy Team Names of 2019

We LOVED Stranger Things and with the launch of the 3rd season this past July, it was only right to take a look at the best Stranger Things fantasy football team names.

So here's what we've got for Stranger Things in 2019!

  • Good Will QB Hunting
  • Winona Ryder Financial Comeback
  • Dema Gonna Win!!!
  • The Amani Toomers
  • TB Twelve is Back
  • Cold Weather Mouthbreathers
  • Brenner's Super Bowl Backs
  • The Upside First Down
  • Lying John Lynch
  • Josh Derma Gordon
  • Aaron Rodger's Mustached Acrobats
  • Favre's Search Party
  • Tripod Papa Bear Halas
  • JJ Watts Waffle Queen
  • The Upside Antonio Brown
  • The Upside First and Goal
  • Scoreless in Seattle
  • Flacco Seagulls
  • Golden Tate is Enough
  • Hooked on a Thielen
  • Dustin got Blue Balls at the Snow Ball
  • Eleven's Eggos
  • Steve Harrington will call you daddy
  • Who let the Demidogs out?
  • My Demadog ate my homework
  • Leggo My Dema...gorgan
  • Justice for Barb
  • Lego me Eggo
  • Should I stay or should I Eggo?
  • Brenner's Bullies
  • Show me your kitties
  • Twelve (012)

It's not that hard to figure out why we play fantasy football as it has become our nation's most popular hobby. Win or lose, all that matters is you're having fun with friends that own a franchise in the league. However, having a good fantasy team name is often the lone reason why we play each year.

Granted, you're going to run into more than a few clever fantasy football team names in any league format, but that shouldn't refrain you from choosing one yourself. The name should be a reflection of your own personality with just a mix of a word association with your favorite television show. Remember, your hardcore obsession with fantasy football is the main reason why you will come up with the most creative team name in your fantasy league.

If you're looking for some other fantasy football team name ideas, we've also got you covered:

So combine the best Stranger Things fantasy team names with some killer fantasy advice.

PS. If you have other Stranger Things fantasy team names you love, tell us below or on our Instagram. We'd love to hear them!

*The main photo comes courtesy of Netflix.

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