The Spongebob Halftime Show We Deserved: Super Bowl 2019

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Spongebob Super Bowl Halftime Show 2019

With the 2019 Super Bowl in the books, we're all left wondering if we got screwed.  The Patriots are once again Super Bowl champs, it was a (relatively) uneventful Super Bowl, and we got screwed on the half time show.  It's nothing against Maroon 5 (mostly). It's mostly against the fact that they teased us with Spongebob and then ripped him away from us. It was the 2019 Spongebob Halftime show that never was.

The original Spongebob Halftime show was an absolute classic. Squidward expected to be embarrassed, and he was absolutely impressed.

Here's the original Spongebob Halftime Show Performance:

Now, that would be nearly impossible to duplicate here in 2019. After all, Spongebob couldn't survive out of water long enough to survive along Maroon 5.  Despite this fact, all NFL fans were lead to believe that Spongebob would play a crucial role in the 2019 Super Bowl halftime show.  While he did play a role, it wasn't the one we all hoped and dreamed for.

Thankfully, one Youtube hero took on the responsibility and crushed it. He created the 2019 Spongebob Super Bowl Halftime Show that we all craved and deserved.

So here it is.

Now that you've relived your childhood (or maybe seen this SpongeBob clip for the first time), go back to being sad the Patriots are Super Bowl Champs (Again).

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Nick Schreck