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Sleeper Digital Draft Board Review 2019

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Sleeper Digital Draft Board Review 2019

When it comes to picking a digital draft board for your fantasy football league, the options are endless. From using a traditional provider like NFL, Yahoo, ESPN, etc. to sites and software dedicated simply to drafts.

Since we live fantasy football here at LTFF, we figured it was necessary to update our 2015 Digital Draftboard showdown to share what 2019 holds for the fantasy football faithful.

During our search of the best digital fantasy football draft boards of 2019, we kicked things off with Sleeper.

For those of you who don't know Sleeper, they're an Android and Apple App that encompasses pretty much everything sports-related.  From breaking news to forums, league hosting and even...fantasy football drafts.

We're not here to break down all of the other parts of Sleeper (that review is coming soon), but rather tell you about the draft experience they offer.

For those of you who are looking for the "big-screen" experience, we'll start by saying it's a mobile App by design but they have a big screen mode, so don't fret! The team at Sleeper directed us here for help getting it setup.

But let's get into it: The official 2019 Sleeper Digital Draft Board Review

Welcome to Sleeper

Sleeper Digital Draft Board Review 2019 - Features

While saying that Sleeper has come out of nowhere would be untrue, they've kinda come out of nowhere.

They've grown from a loyal following into arguably one of the best mobile apps (and experiences) for fantasy fanatics.

As far as drafting on the platform goes, they have all of the features you could want and more.

Before we go into more depth on the features of Sleeper for the 2019 Digital Draft Board Review, here they are in case this image isn't mobile-friendly:

  • Big Screen Mode
  • Draftboard View
  • Dark Theme
  • Start Anytime
  • Pause the Draft
  • Unlimited Undo
  • Total Control
  • Mid-Draft Adjustments
  • Draft Pick Trading

Of course, there are even more features buried in there, but these are the highlights for you to enjoy.

A Look Inside the App: The 2019 Sleeper Digital Draft Board Review

Sleeper Draft Board Review 2019 - Big ScreenWe spent some time inside the Sleeper App (specifically the Digital Draft Board part) to give you an idea of what it looks like, what some of your options are and what you're going to love.

We obviously can't dive into every single part of their offering, but this should give you a good idea.

So let's take a look at some of their main settings in the app.

League Type

  • Redraft (All rosters are reset each season)
  • Keeper (Owners can designate their keepers. Number of keepers is customizable)
  • Dynasty (All rosters stay with owners. Drafts are done with new rookies and free-agent pools)
  • Not available at this time: Auction

2019 Sleeper Fantasy Draft Board Review - League and TeamsTeams/Waiver Settings

  • Pick 6-20 teams per league
  • Waiver Order: Rolling, Reverse Standings or FAAB Bidding
  • Time Players are on Waivers: None, 1 Day, 2 Days or 3 Days

2019 Sleeper Fantasy Draft Board Review - Waivers and TradesTrades / Playoffs

  • Review Timeline: None, 1 Day, 2 Days or 3 Days
  • Trade Deadlines: None, Weeks 9-13
  • Playoffs Start: Weeks 13-16
  • Playoff Teams: Teams 4-6
  • Lower Bracket Type: Toilet Bowl or Consolation Bracket

2019 Sleeper Fantasy Draft Board Review - Draft OrderOther Options

  • Draft Pick Trading
  • Extra game each week against league median
  • Prevent bench players from being dropped after game starts
  • Lock free agent and waiver moves
  • Allow continuous waivers

2019 Sleeper Fantasy Draft Board Review - Scoring Settings2019 Sleeper Fantasy Draft Board Review - Scoring SettingsSleeper Digital Draft Board vs NFL vs Yahoo vs ESPN

Sleeper Digital Draft Board Review 2019 - VS

While this isn't our "2019 Digital Draft Board Showdown", we'd be remiss if we didn't include a comparison provided by Sleeper.  They breakdown the things they offer over platforms like Yahoo, ESPN, and NFL.com.

We'll dive into a bigger comparison soon (before your 2019 drafts), but in the meantime, it seems like Sleeper offers way more options during live drafts than NFL, ESPN and Yahoo do.

Some of the features they highlight include:

  • Free (No Ads)
  • In-person and Online
  • Big Screen Mode
  • Dark Theme
  • Draft out of turn
  • Change time mid-draft
  • Trade picks mid-draft
  • Alter settings mid-draft
  • Slow draft support
  • Rookie & vet-only options

Until our official showdown, we'll reserve judgment, but we'd say Sleeper is off to a killer start for 2019.

Sleeper Digital Draft Board Pricing for 2019

Here's one of the things that hit this option home for us: it's FREE.

There are obviously other free options out there, but it's just another thing that we love about Sleeper. The free price tag, a smooth interface & and an option for everyone makes this tough to beat.

Recapping the Sleeper Digital Draft Board Review of 2019

Sleeper Digital Draft Board Review - Main Big ScreenOverall, this thing is slick.

A clean interface combined with alerts and news means the perfect combination for your league.

In fairness, we still have to complete our other reviews for 2019 but we think Sleeper is going to be a tough one to beat.

The only drawback (which we hear they are working on) is their Auction Draft offering. We think you'll have to wait until 2020 for that one.

If you're looking to download the app: Android or Apple

If you're looking to learn more about Sleeper before downloading visit their website here.

If you're into the Instagram and Twitter thing, click those hyperlinks.

And most importantly, if you use the Sleeper Digital Draft Board, tell us your thoughts. We'd love to include them in our review and we'll even try to get you on the podcast to discuss what you loved, hated and everything in between.

Keep your eyes peeled for the other 2019 Digital Draft Board Reviews, including ClickyDraft, PrimeTimeDraft, FanDraft & The Draft Night.

Nick Schreck