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Sit or Get Off the Pot!

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“Hey man, do you want to hit this joint?” “No thanks sir, I have a job interview coming up and might be drug tested. I need to get this job in order to not disappoint the people in my life counting on my success.”

“Hey Josh, Le'veon, would you like to hit this joint?”

“Of course we would mystery man, we have no regard for our public image, job security, and most importantly, the fantasy football owners that count on us.”

Yes I’m being selfish and dramatic about this. I don’t even have a job interview coming up, but the title of this article and the point behind it still stands. Sit or get off the pot! It’s not news that the NFL runs strict drug testing policies on all of its players, yet high profile players still feel they can beat the system and sneak some joints past Goodell and company. Forget the Dion Jordans toking and Orlando Scandricks “mollying about” as Ed Werder might put it, this is a fantasy football site, so we are here to rant and rave about some fantasy relevant players that feel the need to get stoned as opposed to helping us win our leagues. Keep in mind, this isn’t an “anti-weed” article, this is simply the realization that what your fantasy stars are doing OFF the field could cost you money and pride among your friends.5Ksx901

Josh Gordon, Justin Blackmon, L'veon Bell, LeGarrette Blount. Four very draftable fantasy players that are all missing time this year due to Mary Jane. Gordon and Bell were possible first rounders! This is even more infuriating since a decent amount of fantasy football drafts have already happened. Imagine if you took Le'veon Bell as your RB #1 and took Blount as a nice handcuff in the 12th. Two decent picks in the promising Pittsburgh backfield, yet you’re starting the year potentially in a hole. Granted we aren’t close to determining whether or not Bell and Blount will miss time, or how much, but if you own these guys you know...there’s a good chance you’re gonna get smoked this year (lame puns are fun).

There’s a good chance Bell and Blount’s weed dealer could be a little guy resembling Dri Archer. I joke, but in all seriousness, this guy’s fantasy value has skyrocketed. There were already heads turning in camp and preseason raving about his speed and receiving ability. If both these RBs miss time, will Archer be started in most leagues? A concern is the fact that last night, the day after the Bell Blount arrest, Archer didn’t get one carry. In fact, he is only has 3 carries all preseason. He has been making the most of his field time in the passing game, but what will his week 1 role be?

What to do if you own Bell and/or Blount?

If you already drafted (sorry) and you drafted Le'veon Bell, you have to stick with him for now. At the worst he’s your second pick and even if he is out for 6 weeks, you still have to stash him. That value can’t be wasted since his rookie campaign ended with Bell 14th among RBs while missing time early in the year due to injury. If you fell victim to the Bell AND Blount situation I depicted above, it makes sense to own Archer. But there is NO reason to own two suspended backs on the same team. I say drop Blount for Archer, he is the new handcuff now. Blount’s value was 12th to 13th round anyway so you’re not letting go of too much. If you haven’t drafted yet you might ask: Where do I take Archer now? Is he the definite starter? Unfortunately until the suspensions are laid out, it’s incredibly hard to gauge Archer’s value. I saw Archer as a late round flier, but honestly I can see Archer sliding up to the 10th round in some drafts. Not saying I like it, but if both those backs miss 4 games (my suspension prediction) Archer can be a legit starting RB, and Tomlin will run regardless. The only concern is bringing in a FA veteran to handle between the tackles carrying. Michael Turner anyone?

If you listen to our podcasts you’ll know that in the absence of Gordon, most of us like Miles Austin in Cleveland. Yes, the marijuana effect ripples to Miles Austin. Hoyer has to throw to somebody. Marqise Lee is even already relevant after Shorts got injured and Sanders and Blackmon both get suspended for “substances”. The Jaguars practically have no receivers. Realistically the only player to own from the Jaguars this season is Toby Gerhart, but If Lee were to catch a TD week 1 (somebody has to) then keep an eye on him for a nice waiver pickup.


So is this really getting to the point that when I draft players I need to draft character as well? I’m not an NFL GM. I can’t interview Josh Gordon before I take him in the second round. Do I avoid Brandon Marshall and choose Julio Jones instead, in case there’s in season suspensions robbing me of my #1 WR? You’re making us paranoid! Weed may chill you out selfish offensive players with good fantasy potential, but the people that count on you from their laptops are bugggginnn outttt broooooo. If Josh Gordon goes undrafted in most leagues and gets a small 6 game suspension, there’s gonna be a huge scramble for one of the biggest preseason waiver pickups before week 1! It’s gross. It’s sloppy. Stop smoking weed fantasy players. Justin Blackmon can because he’s becoming irrelevant on fantasy football level. But I LIKED you Josh Gordon. I TRUSTED you Le'veon Bell. Oh yea….and Dwayne Bowe?

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