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While the 2017 NFL Draft was not a deep one for the wide receiver pool, there were a handful of talented players available, and quite a few middle-of-the-road athletes landed in spots that will allow them to be fantasy relevant early on. Digging into this class, there are eight pass catchers whose predicted value I felt was important to address.

Mike Williams (LAC)

The younger of the Chargers’ Williams wideouts was promoted as the best WR in the class when the 2016-17 college football season ended, but his pre-draft work was less than spectacular. Corey Davis vaulted himself above Mike Williams by oddly doing nothing. Davis did not run a 40-yard dash at the combine and did not compete in a single drill either, but his value still surpassed that of Mike Williams. That is quite a red flag for Williams’ athleticism that was on display during the combine.

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