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Beta Test The Newest Fantasy Football Site - Signup Now!

By July 20, 2015No Comments

I'm here to tell you about one of the newest fantasy sites to hit the industry: Rival Fever.

It's a unique twist on fantasy sports as they are a season long fantasy site that offers a tiered ranking system that isn't used anywhere else.

According to RivalFever, they are "one of the most strategic Fantasy Football options on the market today. What other format can offer the following:"

  • Season long Head to Head leagues that combine daily fantasy games and season long fantasy leagues
  • Injuries and suspensions do not ruin your season
  • Both formats span the ENTIRE NFL SEASON including the Super Bowl (21 Weeks)
  • Start different lineups every week
  • Consolation Playoffs for the 8 teams that did not qualify for the head-to-head league playoffs
  • Two thirds of each league plays through to the Super Bowl
  • No Salary Cap, No Waiver Wire, No Trades, No Draft with our revolutionary Tier Ranking System
  • 1 player per week season long jackpot pool with 15,000 potential prize winner

Beta Test the Site for FREE

That's right, for free.

We'll hook you up with free access for the preseason so you can test the site out before ever making a monetary commitment.

Did I mention that the winner of the free beta test gets a free entry into the season long tourney? Yeah, that could be you.

Here's how to sign up:

  1. Mosey on over to
  2. Fillout the box that pops up on your screen (as shown below)
  3. Select that you came from Let's Talk Fantasy Football.
  4. That's it!

RivalFever Daily Fantasy Football

They'll reach out to you soon to get you all setup for the live test. You may even get to play against some of us here at Let's Talk Fantasy Football.

Since it's a beta test I can't promise there will still be spots open to register for, but I sure hope you get the chance to take part.

If you have any questions or concerns, drop us a comment below!

Nick Schreck