It seems as if the allegation of Rice assaulting his fiancee' back in February has finally received a repercussion.  After reading reports, it seems NFL ESPN Insider Adam Schefter reports that Ray Rice will be suspended for the first two games of the season. Baltimore's first two games are against division rivals, Cincinnati Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers.  Two big games for Rice to miss, leaving Baltimore with Bernard Pierce, Justin Forsett, and Lorenzo Taliferro in the backfield.  Pierce was the Ravens' #2 guy last season but is currently recovering from shoulder surgery.  Pierce states he is good to go with no restrictions but this should still be kept in mind.

Although this is bad news for Baltimore, we all knew this was coming.  At least it is only two games rather than three or four. It could be a bad start for the Ravens, especially if they want to get ahead in their division--but again, the suspension could be worse.  Also, this suspension will not hinder Rice's fantasy value tremendously.  If you're willing to wait two games, Rice will be back to work week 3 and will be the clear cut starter.  Let's just see if he can put last season behind him.

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Don Christmann