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Fantasy Football: 5 Quarterbacks With Sneaky Rushing Upside in 2018

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Fantasy Football Advice - Colts - 2018

In the great game of fantasy football, we want our draft picks to produce as many points as possible, which often requires the ability to contribute in several scoring categories. From running backs who catch well to quarterbacks with rushing abilities, versatility is the common trait that gives these players a higher floor and ceiling, and overall a better chance of outproducing their draft position.

A recent example of the high demand for versatility can be best be seen in the drafting of dual-threat quarterbacks. According to Fantasy Football Calculatorwell-known mobile quarterbacks such as Russell Wilson and Cam Newton are being drafted, on average, in the fifth and seventh rounds of 12-man leagues, respectively. That comes as little surprise when you consider that both finished in the top three of all players in fantasy points (using standard scoring) a year ago.

With the top two options often off the board, other owners need to be creative in finding quarterbacks with running skills. Using our projections -- for rushing value only -- here at numberFire, here are five quarterbacks with sneaky rushing potential for this upcoming season.

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