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PrimeTime Draft Review: The Digital Draft Board for Your Fantasy League

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Fantasy draft day may be the best day of the year.

Don't agree with me? That's okay. We must just have a different love for fantasy football.

You may just love to enjoy the day and not having to worry about any of the legwork. That's where we come in.

We've been reviewing fantasy draft boards (both digital ones and in-person options), comparing our fantasy rankings, evaluating the best fantasy trophies on the market and so much more.

We want you to have the best fantasy football experience possible, which is why we've got our latest contender for your go-to digital fantasy football draft board: PrimeTime Draft.

The team over at PrimeTime Draft told me that they had a different philosophy than many of the other digital draft boards out there. They seemed to truly believe it, which is why I had to take the software for a spin.

For the record, they didn't compensate me in any way. They also asked me to be honest about the good and bad of the software, which I totally did. You're also seeing this review at the same time they are -- no early sneak peaks for anyone, it's just the right thing to do.

Get ready to find the perfect digital fantasy football draft board for your league, I'm about to blow you away.

My PrimeTime Draft Review

There are a lot of things that I truly loved about PrimeTime Draft and there were some I'd love to see improved.

The great thing is you can project it on your screen, connect it via HDMI and use it nearly everywhere. It's perfect for your league to draft in person.

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I've completed a video walkthrough and review for you. I think it's best that you see the software in action and how I interact with it.

For the record I was testing a pre-release version of the software and any of the bugs we see will be fixed prior to launch.

I've been assured by Jeff that the "Report Card" function error has been fixed in it's latest release.

We'll be conducting a review on the remote drafting version of the software later this June. Stay tuned folks!

My Quick Thoughts...In Words

A Few Things I Loved

  • Quick & Painless Setup - Ready to Go in Minutes.
  • A Full View - You Can See The Entire Draft Board...The Entire Draft.
  • Remote Access - You Can Watch & Draft From Anywhere With an Internet Connection. Boom.
  • The Price - Cheaper Than Other Digitals & Most Printed Draft Boards.

A Few Things I'd Change

  • Tool/Bar Menu - I want to be able to streamline trades, clicks, etc. There's no menu living on the draft board.
  • Logos/Images - There's no visuals inside the draft board (logos, player images, etc.). I'd like to see some, but that's a personal preference.

My 2015 PrimeTime Draft Recommendation

If you're looking for a digital draft board to replace your old traditional one, this is a great choice.

It's clean, simple and easy to setup. You can't mess up using the board and it's just like having the real thing in person, minus the mess of stickers and sheets.

It's pricing is pretty remarkable and if you can't make the draft and want to take part remotely, the cost is included. Talk about a steal.

With part 1 of our draft board series being FanDraft, part 2 being PrimeTime Draft what would you like to see as part 3?

[This photo is courtesy of PrimeTime Draft and all rights are reserved by them]

Nick Schreck