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My First PPR Mock Draft of 2015

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It's that time of year again folks: fantasy football season.

That's right, the 2015 fantasy season is here and it's ready to fucking rumble.

You should be pumped. If you're not...then stop reading, reevaluate some things and get back to me.

I've been itching to do some mock drafts for 2015 so I finally took the fateful plunge.

While I typically play standard scoring and rules, I've become much more involved in the PPR world.

That means mock drafting for PPR is the way to go.

After all it's 2015 and the world's changing. PPR is the real deal folks.

After you review my 2015 PPR mock draft I suggest you try doing one yourself.

Everything sounds great in your head, until you actually have to draft on your own.

My PPR Mock Draft for 2015

With so many options to mock draft at this point in the fantasy football offseason, I chose Fantasy Pros simulator.

You may argue that it's not realistic because it's a simulation, not the real deal. To that I say, it's the best option at the moment. As of June 7th there are a ton of mock draft options on ESPN, NFL, Yahoo and Fantasy Football Calculator. All of those have pros and they all share cons (the real people that draft typically bounce after the first few rounds).

So while this 2015 PPR mock draft may not be entirely perfect, it's pretty close.

And I'm really pumped with the team I came out with. I'd make some changes in hindsight, but you live and you learn they say.

Well, someone said that once.

Without further ado, here's how my draft broke down. If you prefer picture form, my draft is at the end. I'm pick 8, titled - Your Team.

Enjoy you fantasy football addicts.

Round 1 - My 2015 PPR Fantasy Mock Draft

I almost never (and my almost I mean never) draft a WR in round 1 of fantasy drafts. Moving to PPR for 2015 meant that I needed to...and I did.

I stayed true to my rankings and took Demaryius Thomas.

Listen, I know he's not showing up to camp at the moment. I know Peyton is rumored to be unhappy about it because they're installing a new system with Kubiak.

I just know that even if (when) Peyton regresses this year, he's still going to target Thomas a ton. He lost Julius Thomas and we saw what Demaryius was capable down of down the stretch last season.

You could argue that I should have gone Beckham there, I totally get it. I'm just the slightest bit scared of him. It was enough for me to pass and hope he slipped to the second round.

Rounds 2 &3 - My 2015 PPR Fantasy Mock Draft

I started off round 2 bummed that Calvin and Beckham went just two picks before me (but I could have snagged them with my first rounder). With PPR on the mind I had no choice but to turn to the next best WR on my board: Jordy.

I'm thrilled to own Jordy Nelson for 2015, don't get me wrong. the guy is a stud and should have a great 2015. Especially as my #2 WR. He's got a pretty remarkable QB throwing the ball his way. I'm pumped.

When it came to round three I began to get anxious that I didn't have a RB yet on the team. With PPR in mind I knew I needed someone that could catch the ball. I think I found just the guy.

Justin Forsett is a man that just had the best year of his career. The guy ran for 1,266 yards (5.4 ypc) and had 8 touchdowns. That's one hell of a fantasy season. Do I think he averages that again this year? Nope.

What I love is that Marc Trestman joins the Ravens and brings a pass-happy approach to the running game. We saw Matt Forte see a boost and I hope for the same with Forsett. I think he's more of a low end RB1 in PPR because of the potential, which is why I'm okay with snagging him here with my 3rd round pick. For my first PPR mock draft of 2015, I can live with it.

Rounds 4, 5 & 6 -My 2015 PPR Fantasy Mock Draft

After snagging my first RB I wanted to lock #2 down. After all, I had my top two WR's set and I wanted to get a guy that I felt relatively safe about. That man was Lamar Miller.

I won't pretend to love him as much as Nick Walsh (he LOVES this guy for 2015) but I'm still a believer. I think he gets overlooked during draft season. He ran for 1,099 yards in 2014 and had 8 touchdowns. I'll take that from my RB2 every day of the week. Plus I think he'll be even better with the improvements Miami has made for 2015. I'm pumped here and would be surprised to see him truly last to here.

As I moved into round 5 I was torn on where to go. Being torn lead me to do something I almost never do, draft a QB early. I took Russell Wilson with my 5th round pick. Shocking, I know.

I just love that they added Jimmy Graham, Wilson has been a stud and I think he has a great 2015. He gets it done on the ground as well. I'm fearful of their offensive line getting weaker, but for this mock I was okay with it. I also worry I jumped the gun with the depth of the fantasy QB position.

With my 6th round pick I took Jeremy Maclin. Looking back at it now I'm super torn. Was it a homer pick being a Chiefs fan? Maybe. Was I wooed by what he did in 2014? Maybe. I just went with my gut during the draft. We'll see how it plays out.

Rounds 7-10 - My 2015 PPR Fantasy Mock Draft

I won't lie...I started drafting with my heart a little bit. But I think it turned out okay. I ended up with Eric Decker, Michael Floyd, Rashad Jennings and Chris Ivory.

I hate to say it...but the Jets could be a lot better this year. They're very interesting and they're going to be a topic on our first division preview for our upcoming fantasy podcast. With Brandon Marshall there I think Eric Decker will continue to be good. I mean, Ryan Fitzpatrick is serviceable right? Geno...well that depends on what side you're on.

Michael Floyd I'm taking a chance on, but last year people believed he could be something. Why not this year? Carson Palmer was great before getting hurt, maybe he'll look Floyd's way.

Rashad Jennings was one hell of a RB last year when he was healthy. Now he won't be catching a ton of balls there (ahem, Vereen) but he can run the ball. I'll take him in the 9th round.

Chris Ivory is just another back in the stable. I like hoarding running backs. I guess I could do worse things right?

Rounds 11-16 - My 2015 PPR Fantasy Mock Draft

I took some random grabs here and looking back I love some and don't others. Zach Ertz was my 11th round pick, I'm not sure how much I love him...but I needed a tight end.

My boy Teddy Bridgewater, I snagged him in the 12th round. You could argue that I didn't need him, but if you've read anything I've written in 2015 you'd know I love him. I think he can become a borderline QB1. I'll try to own a ton of stock of him this year.

When it comes to the Saints I'm a bit bashful. It's a topic that Matt Rodgers addressed recently...and he talked me into Marques Colston. I mean in the 13th round I can get on board. He's a lottery ticket here for me.

I'm not sure what to make of the Denver backfield. I got in on CJ Andersen early last year and rode him to some victories. I'm hesitant to get on board with him this year because of the Montee Ball fail last year. As my 14th round pick, I went for Ball. Why? Because he could end up the guy. Do I feel strongly about it? Not at all. But it's worth a chance here. Worst case I'll cut him and move on.

Maybe it's just me, but I think Pierre Garcon may just be undervalued. I was shocked to see him still here. The guy gets targets, he catches balls and is worth more than a 15th round pick. Disagree? I thought you might.

With my last pick I grabbed a defense. Simply because I need a defense. I didn't give this pick any thought.

I also ignored the Kicker position. Why? Because I can cut someone before week one and snag one off the wire. I'd rather take a chance on a guy in the later rounds and see if they work out before week 1.

Recapping My 2015 PPR Fantasy Mock Draft

As I took the time to write out my rationale and look at stats after the fact I realized that I wasn't nearly as prepared as I needed to be.

That's okay. That's why it's my first 2015 PPR mock draft. There will be plenty more.

My thoughts and analysis are exactly how I'm feeling: some good, some bad and some upside.

I think I'd fair pretty well in leagues this year with this team. A ton hinges on Russell Wilson (although I'm hoping my boy Teddy pulls through) and if Forsett can prove that last year wasn't a fluke.

I took some gambles and we'll see how it shakes out.

I'll tell you what though, it felt amazing to be mock drafting again.

Simply a taste of all the fantasy goodness that's still to come.

So tell me, what do you guys think. Did I miss the mark or do okay for my first PPR mock in 2015?

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PPR Mock Draft - 2015 #1

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