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Our PPR Mock Draft: The 1st of 2014

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On Thursday night (June 12th) the team here at Let's Talk Fantasy Football took part in a mock draft hosted by the team over at Red Zone Warriors.

The guys over there did an awesome job hosting the mock draft, getting everything set and producing the awesome video you find below.

It was a pleasure for us to have joined them along with Chris Banks, Joshua Berger and Sean Williams. We're looking forward to putting our fantasy minds together in the future.

2014 PPR Mock Draft

This was a PPR mock draft with the ability to start 3 TE's or WR's total. The starting lineup construction was set like this:


During the draft we were not required to draft a Defense or Kicker as we drafted under the assumption that we could pick them up off of waivers prior to week 1.

The Draft Order was as follows:

  1. Chris Banks - I Play Fantasy
  2. Rob Smith - Red Zone Warriors
  3. Nick Schreck - Let's Talk Fantasy Football
  4. Joshua Berger - Fake PigSkin
  5. Sean Williams - Fantasy Football Guru
  6. Jim Keranen - Red Zone Warriors
  7. Donald Christmann - Let's Talk Fantasy Football
  8. Vinny Gonzalez  - Let's Talk Fantasy Football
  9. Jay Korcal - Red Zone Warriors 
  10. Matt Rodgers - Let's Talk Fantasy Football

Here are the draft results for your viewing pleasure. Please note that some of these picks will vary from our rankings on the site as our rankings on site are for standard leagues.

PPR Mock Draft 2014

Think some of our picks were crazy or that they were absolute steals? Let us know below. We're always happy to talk fantasy football.

Nick Schreck