Chargers & Raiders Fantasy Preview: 2020 AFC West - Episode 308

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Charges Raiders Fantasy Football Podcast 2020 Outlook

Chargers. Raiders. AFC West Showdown.

With fantasy football talent all over the AFC West, we had a blast talking part 2 on the #Chargers and #Raiders this past week.

In fact, with Walsh being a die-hard Raiders fan, we got the inside scoop on his draft day heartbreak, his belief in the 2020 Raiders, and why he LOVES Mike Williams for 2020 (spoiler alert: We don't agree here).

Can TyGod lead the Chargers to glory? Will Austin Ekler be worth his draft-day price? And most importantly, can the Raiders stop breaking Walsh's heart?

Buckle in, it's time to talk some fantasy football.

On a more personal note: We hope you're all staying safe, healthy, and social distancing.  If you won't do it for you, your family or loved ones...do it for 2020 fantasy football.

So, let's talk some fantasy football.


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