Patriots & Dolphins Fantasy Preview: 2020 AFC East - Episode 304

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2020 Fantasy Football Podcast - Patriots and Dolphins

Patriots and Dolphins...the story of two opposite franchises.  Although with Tom and Gronk gone...there could be an opening in the AFC East.

So let's take a walk down the second half of the AFC East and explore who you can trust in New England, why you'll always disappoint yourself when betting on the Dolphins (they've hurt my fantasy teams too many times) and who to put your money on in 2020.

Vinny and Walsh felt that doing the second part of the AFC East was the least they could do after crushing the Jets and Bills. If you missed it, click the link in the bio ASAP.

We know it feels early for fantasy football...but we promise it's not early enough.  Let's head into the weekend on this fantasy football journey together.

We hope you're all staying safe, healthy and social distancing.  If you won't do it for you, your family or loved ones...do it for 2020 fantasy football.

So, let's talk some fantasy football.

Recorded Date: This podcast was recorded on 6/4/2020.


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