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10 Players You Should Be Avoiding in Fantasy Football Drafts

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Entering a fantasy football draft with a list of eight or nine guys that you absolutely, positively need to get isn't a good idea. When you approach your team building that way, it doesn't allow you to extract value, and it certainly doesn't play into the concept of variance.

Because let's face it: you're going to be wrong with player evaluation. I'm going to be wrong, too. None of us are perfect.

So we should play into this fact.

That means your consideration set while drafting should be large, not small. When you're up to pick in the fourth round, there's no need to be fixated on one player. Focus your attention on a group of players, and pluck out the best value. And do that over and over and over again.

But I get it -- there'll be a handful of players you just won't want to draft. While every player is worthwhile at some cost, most players won't fluctuate wildly from their average draft position. So you know, going into a draft, which quarterbacks, tight ends, wide receivers, and running backs you probably won't be walking away with.

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