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Pick 'Em All Football: The Experience You Need

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Pick Em All Football Review
Fantasy Football leagues, you're in enough of them right? We hope you might consider one more: Pick 'Em All Football.
This is a new FREE game for 2015 that is easy to play and not a gambling site (we're shooting for "Family Friendly" here!).

What is Pick 'Em Football

Each week, try to predict the winning team from each matchup. This is not your typical fantasy football game where you draft players and deal with salary caps. We've tried to make this very simple so all can enjoy (dads & their kids, office workers, etc). Even folks without extensive NFL knowledge can still do very well in this game. We provide Win/Loss/Streak records next to each team to provide just enough info to make a descent pick.

How Do I Earn Points?

Everyone risks the same number of points. What you do is arrange your picks in what we call a "Confidence Order". That means you risk the most points on the game you are most sure about the least number of points on the game you are least sure about. Accurate picks = positive points. Negative picks = negative points. Easy right!

Managing Your Picks

For arranging your "Confidence Order", we have an easy to sort list of matchups available for web browsers (free), mobile devices (free), and even an iOS app ($0.99).

Watching the Game...It's Almost Like on TV

This is the best part...watching your points come and go throughout the weekend. Sunday morning is the crazy time! As teams change leads, the points can make huge jumps up and down. One minute you're in the lead and then the whole leaderboard can invert if the right (or wrong) teams swap leads. There are two sample YouTube videos on our home page to give you an idea of how our Viewer Screen represents a typical NFL weekend.


We hope you'll visit us and give our free game a try. You can start a team of up to 10 friends or we'll link you up with some strangers that all have a great interest in Fantasy Football.


*This is a guest post from Steve Montgomery, from Pick 'Em All Football. The author’s views are entirely his or her own and may not always reflect the views of Let’s Talk Fantasy Football.
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