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(Over)Reaction to Preseason Week 1

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(Over)Reaction to Preseason Week 1

After an underwhelming Hall of Fame game the rest of the NFL teams set to the field for their first action of the season. Us football fans tend to overreact when it comes to...well, everything. So I figured I'd give my take on some things that went down this past week. I really had no form for this article whatsoever and just cherry picked things that stood out to me. So without further delay, let's talk about what happened!

Things I Thought Were Sweet...

Nelson Agholor

  • That touchdown catch and run Agholor had really showed off all of the skills that he brings to the table. Sanchez’s pass was absolutely horrendous and yet it wound up going for a touchdown thanks to a beautiful adjustment on the ball. I think I'm starting to drink the Chip Kelly Kool-Aid more and more each day.

Tyrod Taylor

  • God damn I love me some read option. Taylor was able to make a claim to the starting gig in Buffalo by taking it to the Panthers. I will temper my expectations slightly for now because I’d like to see how he performs going up against first stringers.

Teddy Bridgewater

  • I was a Teddy doubter all offseason long but seeing him command the Vikings this preseason has been a pleasure to watch. If your plan was to go late on QB I think having Bridgewater as your QB 1 is completely acceptable.

Phillip Dorsett

  • On the Colts opening drive Dorsett was targeted early and often by Andrew Luck. The duo was able to get an in game rhythm going but it was cut short due to Luck's low snap count for the game. Dorsett’s fantasy stock should remain in the flyer rounds for now but this first showing was promising.

Cardinals Starters

  • Palmer and company are looking like they are ready to pick up where they left off from last season. Obviously Michael Floyd had an injury setback but the success of the Cardinals is all on Palmer. So long as he stands, there will be fantasy value in Arizona.

Julio Jones + Matt Ryan

  • 4 catches, 60 yards and a touchdown. I know, I know. It was against the Titans defense in a preseason game. But holy shit that was awesome.

Martavis Bryant

  • Can he stop catching touchdowns? Seriously. I want to hate this dude so badly because of his obscured touchdown stats but my god.

Amari Cooper

  • The Raiders really showcased Cooper in their first preseason game. They even ran a fucking wide receiver reverse with him. I think Cooper’s asking price is still fairly high but I understand getting why everyone is excited about him.

Dolphins, Lions and Bengals Offenses

  • All three teams had very methodical and impressive opening drives for scores. Each team also displayed depth and completeness by involving numerous players and not leaning on one specific superstar. Expect big things throughout the season from all three teams.

Things I Thought Were Lame/Concerning...

Seattle’s Offensive Line

  • Will we refer to the Jimmy Graham for Max Unger trade as one of the biggest mistakes ever? Way too soon to make that call but the Seahawks offensive line did not look good. They’re going to have to figure something out fast or else the fantasy value of Wilson and Lynch will take a hit this season. Keep a close eye on this unit.

Jimmy Garoppolo

  • This debut certainly did not go as planned. Garoppolo will of course get more work in before week 1 but how are you going to take 7 sacks like that? Craziness. Gronk and Edelman owners should be praying for Brady’s suspension to be lifted or at least reduced. I’m not sure how confident I would be with Garoppolo at the helm for 4 games.

Minnesota Loses Their Best Lineman for Season

  • Phil Loadholt tore his Achilles against the Buccaneers last Saturday and it is a huge loss for the Vikings. This loss comes as a bigger hit to Peterson's value since Loadholt is considered their best run blocker. Peterson is still a freak but this setback sucks for a team with a ton of potential.

Cowboys Running Back Situation

  • I was really pulling for Gus Johnson to win the starting job just to shove it in Joseph Randle lover’s faces this season but that’ll have to wait. After a decent showing by Johnson he left the game with a separated shoulder. The injury bug continues to haunt this backfield and people should look elsewhere when drafting running backs.

Melvin Gordon

  • An underwhelming debut for Gordon but I think people should still keep the faith for this guy. The Chargers invested a lot in him during the draft so he’s going to get the opportunity. Another big takeaway here was how much the Chargers love Danny Woodhead. Talks of using him in the red zone could create a frustrating season for both Gordon and Woodhead owners.

LeSean McCoy

  • McCoy's price tag has varied in drafts but it seems that people taking him in round one are overpaying. Much like Gordon I think McCoy had a pretty weak debut but people shouldn't get discouraged. Did you guys see the Bills offense with Tyrod Taylor out there? Bryce Brown killed the Panthers during the read option assault averaging 8.7 yards per carry. Imagine what McCoy could do out there in that type of scheme. That upside payoff could be amazing.
  • EDIT: McCoy is now dealing with a hamstring injury but should be good for week 1. It'll be interesting to see where he falls in drafts now. Could be a great value if he sneaks into the third.

Jets D in Disarray

  • I always bash the Jets so I’m going to say something nice before I do. Honestly, the Jets first drive on offense with the starters wasn’t bad at all. Fitz looked decent and the drive ended with a field goal after a Cumberland drop. It happens. The real concern for me was the defense. They got torched by the Lions starters. Just something worth taking another look at since people are grabbing the Jets defense early as hell in drafts.

Bishop Sankey

  • Sankey was given the early reps to establish himself but wasn’t able to get anything going at all. 8 carries for 15 yards is awful. Especially awful since it was against the Falcons lackluster defense. David Cobb carried 11 times for 53 yards and is in prime position to steal the starting job. Cobb is a great draft day value right now while Sankey’s value is tanking.


  • This team is going to fucking blow.

Well that's all I got for this one. Think I'm overreacting to any of this? Anything I miss here that you think I should have addressed? What did you guys thing of the first week of preseason games? Leave a comment or let me and the team know on Twitter. As always, we'd love to talk some fantasy football.

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