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NFL RedZone Promo Code 2018

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2018 RedZone Promo Code

We love football, you love football....we all love football.

With our love for football comes the desire to watch every NFL game out there (especially if you don't live in the local market of your team).

So we've done some digging to try and get you the best NFL Red Zone Promo Code of 2018.

Now some of the options we've found for NFL Redzone are promo codes, some are 2018 discounts and some are cheaper but full price alternatives (sigh).

Either way, we've got everything you need for the 2018 NFL Red Zone Promo Code of the year.

And don't be a smart ass, it's never to early to start planning for the 2018 NFL and fantasy football season.

Bring on some RedZone!

2018 NFL RedZone Promo Code: Schedule

Option #1: $1.99/month - NFL Mobile 

NFL Redzone Promo Code - VerizonWe know it's not the NFL Red Zone promo code you were hoping for, but if you just want to watch the games on your phone or tablets, download the NFL Mobile App.

In the app, they offer you the chance to watch it for $1.99/month. Just make sure your phone and/or tablet uses the same Apple Store login so you can restore the purchase if you switch between devices.

Option #2: $29.99 - The Entire 2018-2019 Season

*Please note that this link is an eBay affiliate link that will result in us getting a commission from your purchase if made via this link.

This option is those for the bold hearted. For those that want to take chances. The supplier isn't clear on where their logins come from for the 2017-2018 NFL Redzone subscriptions come from, but it appears to be an option.

We'd never encourage you to take a path that isn't legal, so we recommend proceeding at your own risk. We do not endorse or guarantee this method, but would rather talk about it than ignore that it exists.

Option #3: NFL RedZone Via Kodi

This option requires that you own an Android Box, Amazon FireTV, FireStick or Apple TV. Also, you need to know how to install some Kodi, etc.

We won't tell you how to install Kodi, but a quick google search will. After doing a legal install of the open source software Kodi, you can look for sources to view NFL RedZone for 2018.

Option #4: NFL RedZone via Optimum

This is an option if you're an Optimum subscriber (yeah...I'm not a huge fan of them either).

You can add NFL RedZone to your TV package for $9.99/month. Yeah, we know $9.99 for NFL RedZone isn't exactly what you want to spend, but it also grants you access to the NFL Mobile App RedZone Access.

Think of it a $2.50 a week, which is actually a freaking bargain.

That means you can easily watch it on TV, on your phone, and on your Tablet.

Sling TV or PSVue - Cutting the Cord for 2018 NFL Redzone

NFL Redzone PRomo Code - PSVueIf you're a cord-cutter like some of us, then you want an easy option.

Hopefully you're not on DirecTVNow, because it doesn't appear that you can easily get NFL Redzone on your package for 2018.

If you're using DirecTV Now, we'd consider the option above or we'd look at our NFL Sunday Ticket discount for $80 for the entire 2018 season (as of the current promo July 2018).

For just $10/month on PSVue and SlingTV you can add NFL Redzone to your streaming package, then cancel once the season is over.

It's another easy option for NFL Redzone in 2018.

Reviewing 2018 NFL RedZone Promo Codes

The 2018 RedZone Promo Code and DiscountSo here's the deal.

NFL RedZone is awesome, especially for those of us that can't watch our favorite NFL teams when we live elsewhere (I miss you from NJ my Kansas City Chiefs).

Take a look at some of the options above and see what tickles your fancy.

There are other options not listed here, but we think these are your best options and you should consider them all.

We use two of the methods here...which ones we've picked will remain part of the mystery.

*Please note that many of the links on this page are affiliate links. If you make a deposit, make a purchase or use our link we may receive ccompensation from those brands.

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