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The New NFL Fantasy App is Awesome

By July 20, 2014March 29th, 2016No Comments

For all of you fantasy fanatics that have leagues on I have fantastic new for you: the NFL Fantasy app has been totally revamped for the 2014 season and it is absolutely awesome.

I recently re-downloaded the app because my excitement for football had reached a critical breaking point. Something had to be done to quell my insatiable bloodlust. As my download completed I was pleasantly surprised to find that the app had been overhauled. To put it nicely, the NFL Fantasy app over the last couple years has been compete trash. The waiver wire was difficult to navigate.

Game match ups were slow to update the scores on Sunday and there were even times when the match up wouldn’t update at all. The articles on the main page were unclickable 80% of the time and if you did manage to get one to go, the app would transport you to an ad telling you to download NFL Mobile. I think you guys get the picture. It was terrible.

The NFL Fantasy App Redemption

Apparently the guys over at NFL Fantasy heard out cries of anguish about the busted app as it has been completely remodeled for the 2014 season. Some of the new features will not be accessible until the actual games start such as video highlights and up to the minute updates but that doesn’t mean you can’t download it today.

There are many reasons to use the app during this fantasy football offseason.  The NFL is beginning to pick up with training camps opening on the horizon.  Friendly Reminder: Only 46 Days Until NFL Kickoff...

One of the cooler features that won me over is the ability to mock draft. Mock drafting is absolutely essential during the NFL offseason if you are planning to have any success with your fantasy team/teams this season. It doesn’t exactly mirror what is going to happen in your specific draft but it certainly sheds some light on what rounds you can expect certainly people to go.

The process of mocking was seamless and easy to navigate. There was no lag time or bugs during the 10 drafts I participated in so I encourage you drafters on the go to go nuts on this feature.

Articles! Glorious articles! Users can now actually READ the articles put up by the experts at If you're a fan of Michael Fabiano, like I am, you can enjoy his content as well as the other great fantasy professionals alongside him. You can also view the videos posted regardless of whether or not you have the NFL Mobile app. NFL Mobile is free but it’s really just a pain in the ass to deal with transfer from app to app.

The Verdict on the NFL Fantasy App

I am in love the new version of the NFL Fantasy app. The former clunky dysfunctional mess that the app was is no more! 100% improved and ready for the 2014 NFL season, the NFL Fantasy app is Vinny Gonzalez Certified. You heard it here first.

What are your guys thoughts on the refurbished NFL Fantasy app? Love it? Hate it? Whatever you thoughts are please let us know in the comments below! And for everything else fantasy football keep it right here at Let's Talk Fantasy Football.

Vinny Gonzalez