It's a Christmas Miracle: Football on Christmas

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Fantasy Advice - 2016 - NFL Christmas

I know some of you probably don't enjoy Christmas Day. Whether you don't celebrate it or you can't stand being with certain parts of your family.

Regardless of how you feel, you should be pumped that old St. Nick has given us an early present. In 2016 you'll be able to drown out your crazy uncle with the sweet sweet sounds of NFL football.

With the NFL just releasing the schedule for the 2016 season we've learned that we'll get 2 games on Christmas Day.

At 4:30pm we'll have the Ravens at the Steelers. It'll be a division matchup that should be fun to watch, and will hopefully have playoff implications.

At 8:30pm we'll get the defending Super Bowl champs against my Kansas City Chiefs. While I won't be in KC for Christmas, it would be awesome to be celebrating in Arrowhead on Christmas Day. And of course, I'd love to walk away with the win after beating Mark Sanchez. Hey, a win is a win.

So buckle up ladies and gents, this years Christmas just got even better...and you haven't even opened your gifts yet.

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Nick Schreck