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The Best New England Patriots Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019

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The Best New England Patriots Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019

The 2019 NFL season is going to be quite special for the New England Patriots. No, it's not because they're the defending Super Bowl champs after defeating the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 last February. This coming season is the franchise's 50th season in the NFL and they will be celebrating Bill Belichick's 20th season as the coach of the Pats as well.

Time and time again, we all have learned to never count out the Patriots come NFL playoff time. But before placing them ahead of the class in the chase for the Lombardi Trophy, Belichick will have to solve a few problems with his team's roster. He will need to find replacements in the lineup for key players like Rob Gronkowski and Trey Flowers, who left the team this offseason.

Best 2019 New England Patriots Fantasy Football Team Names: The Pats Offensive Changes

The Patriots offense will have a new look for 2019 as there were significant changes to the lineup this offseason. This is highly unusual for a team coming off a Super Bowl victory. The passing game will suffer from the loss of Gronk who was Tom Brady's primary target downfield. Another surprising departure from the receiving corp was Chris Hogan leaving for the Carolina Panthers via free agency. Hogan excelled as a slot receiver but also had enough speed to provide a deep threat when necessary.

The Patriots countered these losses by signing Demaryius Thomas from the Houston Texans this offseason. Thomas is an excellent receiver, but he is still recovering from an Achilles tendon tear late last season. Belichick likes his familiarity with Pats offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels style of play-calling as Thomas played under him during their tenure together in Denver.

N'keal Harry is one player who has been under the radar all offseason, but we may be talking a lot about him this fall. Harry was drafted by the Patriots in the second round of last April's NFL draft. He has the strength and speed to become a desirable target on deep slant routes near the red zone. His athleticism could open the middle of the field for Brady in the passing game.

Best 2019 New England Patriots Fantasy Football Team Names: Defense Preview

Much can be said about the offseason changes to the Pats defense. The loss of Flowers will be tough to replace, but the lineup should be experienced, versatile and deep depthwise. This is crucial when your defense is trying to slowdown highly-prolific offenses each week.

Michael Bennett is a talented defensive lineman who makes key plays in big games. He'll replace Flowers in the lineup, but the jury is still out if Bennett can match his production for a full season.

It's too early to consider the Pats as an afterthought, but they have enough talent to take advantage of playing in a weak division (AFC East) to secure a playoff berth.

Still, New England is considered the odds-on favorites to return to the Super Bowl once again at season's end. Most prognosticators feel the partnership of Brady and Belichick is far too lethal a combo to overtake.

Best 2019 New England Patriots Fantasy Football Team Names: Key Players Lost

  • TE Rob Gronkowski (retired)
  • DE Trey Flowers (signed with Detroit Lions)
  • OT Trent Brown (signed with Oakland Raiders)
  • WR Chris Hogan (signed with Carolina Panthers)
  • WR Cordarrelle Patterson (signed with Chicago Bears)
  • CB Eric Rowe (signed with Miami Dolphins)

Best 2019 New England Patriots Fantasy Football Team Names: Key Player Additions

  • DL Michael Bennett (trade with Philadelphia Eagles)
  • LB Jamie Collins (previously with Cleveland Browns)
  • WR Dontrelle Inman (previously with Indianapolis Colts)
  • TE Benjamin Watson (previously with New Orleans Saints)
  • WR Demaryius Thomas (previously with Houston Texans)

Best 2019 New England Patriots Fantasy Football Team Names: How To Choose A Name

It's not surprising that the six-time Super Bowl champions offer some of the best fantasy football team names each season. Patriots fans show their love by creating funny, clever fantasy football team names. Often, the best names are play-on-words with the names of their favorite Patriots players. The most popular player names are Brady, Gronkowski and Julian Edelman. Others choose to use Belichick's name, Patriots owner Robert Kraft and past season's controversies.

Thankfully, there's no limit when referencing the team's history, owner or player's name:

  • Here's My Number, So Call Me Brady
  • Everyone Patrick Chung Tonight
  • Ladies and Edelman
  • Boston TE Party
  • Gronk's Party Boat
  • Hansel and Gredelman
  • Deflate This
  • Julian Ceasar
  • Arts & Krafts
  • Gronky Kong
  • Malcolm Mitchell in the Middle
  • Winning by Deflate
  • SonySide Up
  • Brady's Air Service
  • Hogan's Heroes
  • PSI I Love You
  • Belichick's Video Emporium
  • Brady Needs Welker
  • It's Always Sony in New England
  • Touchdown TB 12
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Krafty Like a Fox
  • Brady's Brunch
  • In Da Hoodie
  • You got Gronked

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PS. If you have other PAtriots fantasy team names you love, tell us below or on our Instagram. We'd love to hear them!

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