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The National Fantasy Football Convention Has Been Canceled, Again

By June 14, 20162 Comments
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Stop me if you've heard this before.

The National Fantasy Football Convention has been canceled, again, before it's even occurred.

Sources with the convention have shared with us that the NFL has continued to push against them having the convention and are forced to postpone the event.

The NFFC postponed the 2015 event after NFL pushback and hoped that moving the event from Vegas to Pasadena would lead to a successful, inaugural event in 2016.

The NFL's pushback in 2015 was citing this rule (via Fox Sports and SBNation):

The league, though, informed the NFL Players Association that players would be breaching NFL policy because the NFFC was booked on a casino property (the Sands Expo) even though there is no gambling at the center itself.

"Players and NFL personnel may not participate in promotional activities or other appearances at or in connection with events that are held at or sponsored by casinos," an NFL spokesman said Friday in an email statement to FOX Sports.

NFFC organizers decided to cancel their event and are now set to debut next summer in Los Angeles.

The NFFC filed suit against the NFL after canceling the 2015 event with the NFFC calling the NFL's threat "bullying tactics."

This is a quote from 2015 via PFT -- "The NFL is once again acting like a corporate thug," NFFC co-counsel Michael K. Hurst said, via Pro Football Talk, "initiating a campaign to intimidate players away from this event because of its potential for success and in order to kill or control any profits."

We expect official word from the NFFC in the coming days on the 2016 event.

With the NFL cracking down again in 2016 we're just not sure why the league office seems so out of touch with what NFL fans want.

I guess all we can say is, 3rd time's a charm? Here's to looking towards 2017.

Nick Schreck