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The Inside Scoop on the National Fantasy Football Conference

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Fantasy Football Advice in 2016

If you’re a fantasy football fan –and I’m going to step out on a limb and assume that that’s exactly what you are– I’d like to ask you to give me a begrudging minute of your time like some door-to-door salesman you’d feel guilty shutting the door on.

Cool? Great, now shut up.

My name is Matt Whiteley, and I’m the Executive Director of Marketing for the inaugural National Fantasy Football Convention, heading to Pasadena, California this July 15-17.

Now, that’s a very corporate string of words that even bored me as I wrote them.

What is this and why the hell should I care?

2016 Fantasy Football Convention

The National Fantasy Football Convention is the lengthy name for an event that requires a lengthier description, but bear with me.

In short, the NFFC (yay, acronyms!) is the first of its kind: a weekend of activities and events built by fans for fantasy and football fans to be able to interact with NFL players and fantasy experts at an unprecedented level.

Over 100 current and former NFL players and personalities will be participating all weekend long, including our co-hosts Tony Romo and ESPN Senior Fantasy Analyst Matthew Berry.

And when I say “participating”, I mean it. The stars and experts will be meeting with fans, answering your questions, showing up in your draft lobbies, teaching fantasy Training Sessions, signing autographs, taking photos, shaking hands, kissing babies, all that good stuff.

You want names? I’ve got ‘em.

2016 NFL Fantasy Advice

Dez Bryant, Jamaal Charles, Randall Cobb, Devonta Freeman, Todd Gurley, Alshon Jeffery, Julio Jones, Eddie Lacy, Jeremy Maclin, Josh Norman, Carson Palmer, Allen Robinson…

Need I go on?


Giovani Bernard, Eric Berry, John Brown, Jordan Cameron, Brandon Coleman, Stefon Diggs, Harry Douglas, Eric Ebron, Andre Ellington, Roman Harper, Jeremy Hill, Carlos Hyde, David Johnson, Travis Kelce, Chris Ivory, Jarvis Landry, Doug Martin, Patrick Peterson, Alex Smith, Geno Smith, Tyrod Taylor, Charcandrick West, Markus Wheaton, Jason Witten, Kendall Wright, you get the idea. A metric. Ton. Of studs.

These guys, and gurus from every major outlet, will be on site, taking part in Main Stage events, fantasy drafts, Q&As, “Training Sessions” (taught by the experts, so even if you already are one, there’s sessions for you, too), exhibits, playing pitch and catch with fans, and so much more.

Being a fantasy football player is already, in a sense, like playing GM. So why not give those fans a chance to actually meet, hear from, and activity engage with their favorite team and fantasy stars? That was our thinking, too.

And yes, even the players love the idea. Meet fans, have fun, and enjoy the unique opportunity to be themselves at an event designed to connect the two most essential parts of football: the players and fans. That’s cool. That’s unique.

Did I mention it’s open to fans of all ages? Bring your buddies, bring your family, bring your kids.

And hey, the LTFF guys will be there, so if you have no friends and come alone, then at least you might be able to say hello the gentlemen of this fine website. (They might even shamelessly plug their promo code to you. I know I would.)

In short, it’s the football equivalent of your first time; it’s super exciting, maybe a little intimidating, but definitely a dream come true. Best part, this time there’s no disappointment involved.

Okay, I’ve rambled on far too long. But look, if you’re interested, –and why the hell wouldn’t you be– check us out at, and stay up to date on the latest additions on social media at @GoNFFC.

And if you have any questions, you can email us anytime at [email protected], and I’ll do my very best to answer your personally. (Just make sure to mention that you found us through LTFF.)

Like I said, we get it, because we’re fans, too. And we want to provide you with an experience unlike anything else in football.

Matt Whiteley

Executive Director of Marketing at The National Fantasy Football Convention
Matt is the Executive Director of Marketing for the National Fantasy Football Convention, which is a blustery way to say he has the unique privilege of creating cool events for fantasy and football fans.
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