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So Much For That: A Tale of Two Blounts

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By now you have probably all heard the awful news; Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount have been charged with possession of weed. As if the evil drug that we all know as “Marijuana” hadn’t claimed enough NFL players from out starting line up’s. Don’t football players know that when THEY spark up it’s the fantasy players that lose? Come on guys, seriously. Don’t you care about my second round draft pick at all Bell? And you Blount…I don’t even want to talk to you. You were supposed to be handcuff of the year man. Go to your respective rooms until Goodell can think of a punishment for you…monsters.

It definitely looks like the Steelers backfield is up for some suspensions as the starter, Bell, and self proclaimed backup, Blount, were arrested for possession of weed and a DUI charge for Bell. The two running backs were pulled over in Ross, Pennsylvania August 20th with 20 grams of weed. 20 grams of weed. 20 grams of weed. I’m sorry I said it three times…that’s a lot of weed.

But hey, maybe you would smoke weed if you were in Ross, Pennsylvania too. Don’t judge. It is also mentioned in the report that they described the amount of weed as “medium”. Which I find hilarious. What isn’t hilarious is the mental anguish that is going to toll the minds of millions of fantasy players on draft day.

It’s safe to say that both these guys may have already destroyed some fantasy players lives as drafting season for leagues is about to hit full stride. Le’Veon Bell’s value is more impactful on drafts because he is a guaranteed second rounder. A lot of people were eyeing to snatch Bell in the later part of the second for a solid running back 1 option going into 2014.

Blount on the other hand was destined to be a goal line machine and one of the more favored handcuffs in the fantasy world. Needless to say, this charge of possession has dimmed the light on both of these dudes at the worst possible time.

If you were fortunate enough to have your draft set for later in August or early September you should be fine. If you already had your draft and own either Bell or Blount you're going to have to hold your breath. Honestly, anything can happen from this point on. The NFL isn’t exactly known for their rapid fire response to off field misconduct. We could see both these guys in action week 1 and for the whole season.

We could also see them suspended indefinitely for god knows how long. I’m sorry if you were looking for a better answer but that’s just how it is as of now. It’s going to be hard to pass on Bell with the impending suspension still up in the air. If the value is right you have to pull the trigger. Expect him to maybe fall a round or so just because of the haziness surrounding the situation. Blount sort of becomes undraftable for me unless it’s like my last pick or something.

So everybody hang tight, sit back, light up a nice fat blu-….well just sit back anyway, and let the horrible judicial system of the courts and NFL figure out what to do with these guys.

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