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The Best Los Angeles Chargers Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019

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Best LA Chargers Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019

The Los Angeles Chargers had their best regular-season record since 2009 with a 12-4 mark last season. Heading into 2019, it seems their success to win the AFC West is depended upon the throwing arm of Philip Rivers. But can a serious Super Bowl contender rely heavily on a quarterback heading into the back nine of a Hall-of-Fame career?

The Chargers hope Rivers can duplicate his passing numbers from a year ago: 4,308 yards, 32 TDs, 12 interceptions, and a 71.2 quarterback rating. That's a lot to ask from Rivers who is heading into his 16th professional season.

Defensively, the Chargers dominance in the standings lies within the play of this unit. They must continue to create turnovers that slant the field for quick-scoring opportunities for the offense. However, the secondary must eliminate the number of big plays allowed as defensive coordinator Gus Bradley must find a free safety who can make open-field tackles.

Finally, the return of Hunter Henry to the offensive lineup should offset the potential loss of Melvin Gordon, who currently is holding out for a new contract. The Chargers may need to find a reliable third receiver as the talent level drops off significantly after Keenan Allen and Mike Williams.

The Best Los Angeles Chargers Fantasy Football Team Names of 2019

  • Da Bolt Gang
  • The Lords of Lightning
  • BosaNova
  • Gordon Lightfoot
  • Are You Lynn 2 Win
  • Flash Gordon Lives Here
  • In Tyrod We Trust
  • Keenan Allen in the Family
  • Ready to Pouncey
  • Lightning Strikes
  • The Rivers Run Baby Blue
  • Gordon Gone Wild
  • Rivers Bolo Ties Watching
  • Bosa's Bozos
  • Weddle Me This
  • Good Melvin
  • Insane in the Membrane
  • Pouncey No Evil
  • House of Henry
  • Watt Are Those

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