Where Does Le'Veon Bell Sign in 2019 Free Agency? PS. We're Giving Away An Amazon Echo Dot!

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2019 Fantasy Football Advice - Bell Free Agency

With Antonio Brown being dealt and signing a new mega deal with the Oakland Raiders, we're still waiting to learn about his former teammates new NFL team.

Le'Veon Bell has already posted on Twitter that he doesn't know what he'll do yet in free agency.

While we don't quite believe that...we don't know exactly what he will do.

So, we decided to have a little fun and give away an Amazon Echo Dot to a random commenter (picking the right team of course).

To enter, you need to comment on our Instagram post (included below) with the NFL team you think Bell signs with.

Once we know the team, we'll close the comments and pick one of the right commenters to win an Echo Dot. It's really that easy.


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COMMENT CONTEST: Where does Le’Veon Bell end up signing!? . He clearly hasn’t made up his mind (so it seems). . Comment with your pick and you’ll be entered to win an Amazon Echo Dot! Winner will be randomly chosen from entries that pick the correct team. You can only enter once. Once reports indicate where he will go, comments won’t count (good try though). . GO! . #nfl #fantasylife #fantasyfootball #fantasyfootballlife #fantasyfootballadvice #leveonbell #freeagency #steelers #raiders #colts #49ers #titans #chiefs #jets #eagles #bills #dolphins #saints #nflmeme #nflmemes #giveaway #contest #leveonbellnews #levbell #leveonbellyear #leveonbellfreeagencyrumors #nflfreeagency

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As for where we think Le'Veon Bell actually ends up? We have no inside scoop.

I'd venture to guess it's between the Jets, Eagles and Raiders.

The Oakland Raiders & Bell

I'm not sure he wants to share the limelight with Antonio Brown in Oakland, so I lean away from them.

They have the cap space, they've been signing guys and they have draft capital to keep improving. I just don't buy the idea of a Pittsburgh reunion in the black hole.

The Philadelphia Eagles & Bell

I think the Eagles can spend the money and make it happen.

Quite frankly, I think it makes a ton of sense for him to make some $$$ and have a chance to win, and I think the DeSean Jackson addition is huge for the Eagles.

They make a ton of sense to me. I'm just not sure they can beat the $$$ offer from the Jets.

The New York Jets & Bell

For the Jets, it's all about the benjamins. We know they can spend the money, but should they? I say pass.

Ultimately, the Jets want to excite fans and put butts in the seats. I think they'll make a hard push for him.

In fact, it's rumored that Bell has deleted an old tweet indicating that he wouldn't play for the Jets for any amount of money. So that could be a sign right?

We'll know soon enough.

A Mystery Team

It's possible that another team makes Bell an offer he can't refuse. It could be a winner with less money or it could be a team/market that he loves.

I've heard the rumors of San Francisco, and it's totally plausible.

It's also possible there's another team out there that we just haven't given serious consideration to. At the end of the day, Bell controls all (at least now that AB has settled down).

So...buckle up, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.


Nick Schreck