LeSean McCoy Unlikely to Face League Discipline

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By now you know that McCoy was "allegedly involved" in a bar fight this offseason.

By now you also likely know that the Philadelphia DA has opted to not press charges. Unfortunately for most NFL players, Judge Goodell (I mean Commissioner Goodell) is not bound by court or legal decisions.

In this case, NFL Insider Ian Rapoport is reporting that McCoy will NOT face discipline from the league for his alleged role in the bar fight.

The league is still investigating the event, but it expected that he'll be available to the Bills without a suspension. According to Rapoport the Bills expected him to miss some time, so this is a pleasant surprise for them.

As a fantasy fan, this means he should be available to you to start the year. Pending an injury of course, which he tends to get. So keep your eye out for those.

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