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Fantasy Football: Can Kelvin Benjamin Succeed Despite a Bad Offense?

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2018 Fantasy Advice - Podcast - Kelvin Benjamin

Film history is littered with the great stories of underdogs who -- despite overwhelming odds -- succeeded in their endeavors and became legends. These narratives remind us that the “impossible” is always at least a little bit possible. Think of the Spartan warriors of 300, the multi-sport canine sensation known as Air Bud, the heartwarming tales of RudyRadio, and Brian’s Song.

In this year, though, we NFL fans have a chance to see a real-life underdog story play out before our very eyes.

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin -- dogged in the past for showing up to training camp out of shape and having poor catching skills -- returns to bring a rebuilding offense forward, almost entirely by himself. Surrounded by a cast of supporting characters of minimal impact, can Benjamin overcome the odds to become a fantasy football value in 2018, or will he succumb to the weight of the poor situation?

The Replacements

Things look pretty bleak for the Buffalo receiving corps in 2018, but isn’t that how every great feel-good story starts?

The table below shows the next five wide receivers behind Benjamin on the Bills’ depth chart (per Rotoworld), alongside their catch rate and per-game rates in targets, yards, and touchdowns.

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