How Big of a Deal Is Josh Allen's Low College Completion Percentage?

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"[The] biggest error we made when evaluating Kyle Boller out of Cal was justifying his low completion percentage by criticizing the talent he had around him."

Brian Billick, the ex-Ravens head coach who drafted Boller 19th overall in 2003, sent that tweet last January. Fast forward 15 months, and we're seeing this same logic being used for selecting Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen in this month's draft.

If you've avoided draft analysis this offseason, the dilemma here is pretty straightforward. You've got a quarterback in Allen who brings the right physical traits to the table to become a franchise signal-caller -- he's big, he can throw the ball farther than anyone else in the draft, and so on -- but his college numbers just don't compare to other passers' numbers in this year's draft. He threw for only 1,812 yards in 11 games last season with a 56.3% completion percentage. And, no, that's not a typo.

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