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I'm Buying Jordan Cameron. Here's Why You Be Should Too

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I saw Jordan Cameron coming last year, I can totally see the future.

Okay so neither of those are true. I just spend more time than the average person reading fantasy football advice and studying stats. I, very luckily, took the advice of same fantasy football experts and took Jordan Cameron late in 2013 fantasy drafts. He proved to be a crucial piece early in the year, and even helped me win a championship down the stretch.

I expect Cameron to have a great fantasy season for a few different reasons in 2014.

Now I'm not the first person to expect big things from him, and I certainly won't be the last. However I believe that he isn't being overhyped as some other players are. I believe he's worthy of the praise, and can be a difference maker for your 2014 fantasy team.

There are a ton of reasons I would love to own Jordan Cameron in 2013 and these reasons are just the beginning:

The Absence of Josh Gordon

Look, it's still unknown how many games Gordon will be suspended for in 2014. It could be the season or it could be less. Regardless of the length of the suspension, the worry is that without Gordon defenses will be drawn to Jordan Cameron and keep him from producing like he did in 2013.

If we're being honest with each other, which we are, Jordan Cameron actually played better without Gordon in 2013. In weeks 1 and 2, during which Josh Gordon was suspended, Cameron averaged 7 receptions of more than 100 yards and roughly 1/2 touchdown a game.

I see no reason Jordan Cameron can't produce those numbers again in 2014, however this time he'll have a better QB option than Brandon Weeden.

The Quarterback Situation

The Browns starting quarterback is still a toss-up between Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel, although early reports out of camp are that Hoyer is likely to be the guy. Assuming Hoyer wins the job I love Jordan Cameron's fantasy value in 2014.

Just look at the chemistry the two had in 2013 prior to Hoyer going down with an injury. In weeks 3 and 4 Jordan Cameron averaged 8 targets, 11 receptions, 80 yards and 2 touchdowns per game. Assuming that chemistry still exists, there's no reason to assume Jordan Cameron can't produce similar fantasy numbers in 2014. He'll remain a red zone threat and a big body across the middle of the field.

If Manziel wins the starting job, or becomes the starter at some point in the season, I still expect Cameron to perform admirably. Manziel is a talented player who will be able to make plays. Jordan Cameron is the perfect safety net and check-down guy for Manziel to learn in the NFL with.

Regardless of the QB situation I expect them both to look Camerons way often.

The Offense

I've previously called the Cleveland Browns WR's a fantasy wasteland for fantasy players. I still believe that to hold true, save for a late round flier or two.

What I do like about the offense heading into 2014 is the new offensive coordinator. We all saw what Norv Turner was able to do with Cameron, and we all know by now that Norv has a history of making tight ends perform. That's why many are chalking the loss of Turner up to a bad season for Cameron in 2014.

However, the new offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan is also a fan of his tight ends. In fact Owen Daniels produced for him while he was the OC in Houston. While with the Redskins, Fred Davis was on pace to have more than 1,000 yards before getting a 4 game suspension.

In 2013 when Jordan Reed was healthy (8 games), Reed averaged 6 catches for 60 yards a game when he was the 3rd receiving option on the offense.

I look at Jordan Cameron as the clear cut #1 receiving option for the Browns, even being a tight end. This offense may not appear valuable to many fantasy football fans, and they're right. However in the case of Jordan Cameron I recommend looking at all the pieces before writing him off.

The Fantasy Value of Jordan Cameron in 2014

So I clearly can't predict the future, however I can gamble on it. I'm willing to gamble that Jordan Cameron performs for fantasy owners in 2014.

He should improve on his 2013 fantasy numbers and I believe is worth his 6th round price tag. He's currently my 6th ranked tight end, and he'll be rising.

Look for Cameron to provide some nice value for fantasy teams in 2014. When I put all of these pieces together, I see a fantasy player ready to explode.

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