Reports: Johnny Manziel Will Be Cut By the Browns

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Johnny Manziel Cut in 2016

On Tuesday (2/2/16) the Cleveland Browns released a statement about Johnny Manziel in regards to the alleged assault of an ex-girlfriend and the pending police investigation.

The statement came from Sashi Brown, executive vice president of football operations, via the Browns website:

"We've been clear about expectations for our players on and off the field. Johnny's continual involvement in incidents that run counter to those expectations undermines the hard work of his teammates and the reputation of our organization. His status with our team will be addressed when permitted by league rules. We will have no further comment at this time."


The "League Rules" addressed to above were discussed by Kevin Seifert of ESPN who noted that the Browns can't release Manziel until next week.

  Mary Kay Cabot of noted that the Browns are not likely to cut or trade Johnny Football until the new league year opens on March 9, due to cap space.

Ian Rapoport indicated that Johhny Football's future with the team was decided when Jackson became coach. That was reported by several outlets at the time.

As of now, we don't expect Manziel to be a Brown for the 2016 season. As for what it means for the Browns fantasy relevance? We're not sure it makes a difference.

If he lands with another team, there could always be the chance he impacts fantasy players in some shape or form. 
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Nick Schreck