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Making the Fantasy Case for Jay Cutler

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Jay Cutler could easily be a top-10 fantasy football quarterback in 2014.

Now for those of you who don't know me, that statement was extremely difficult for me to write. In fact, I hate Jay Cutler as a person and I think a part of my soul just died. However, when it comes to fantasy football and fantasy football advice, I try my best to put my personal biases aside.

It started back in 2009 when the Bears gave up two first round picks and a third rounder to acquire Jay Cutler. Cutler has seen varying levels of real world and fantasy football success since then, however I believe that is all poised to change.

Sure Jay Cutler is still the same cry-baby that we've all come to hate, but the arrival of Marc Trestman and his offensive magic can't be overstated.

We got a taste of Jay Cutler and his possible fantasy football output in 2013 prior to going down with injuries that marred the rest of his season.

What can't be overlooked is how he played in those first six games prior to getting injured, and the offensive weapons he has available to him in 2014.

I'll save you the standard numbers of combining Cutler and McCown's numbers from 2013. They would've been top 10, yada, yada, yada.

The Fantasy Upside of Jay Cutler in 2014

Let's ignore the fact that he got hurt two separate times in 2014 and focus on the positives. In 2014 Jay Cutler matched his touchdown total of 19 from 2012 in four less games last year. He also had a completion percentage of 63.1 which is the first time he's broken 60% since 2010.

There's also the fact that Marc Trestman has already said Cutler looks bigger and stronger than he did in 2013 (I've been trying to get a compliment like that for years but I digress).

Hearing Trestman talk Cutler up is obviously great news, as fantasy football fans and potential owners we want to hear he is healthy and has a better chance to fight off injuries.

If we look at Trestman's career as a coach we can see that he's gotten the most out of a wide variety of quarterbacks which should mean that Jay Cutler improves in 2014.

Just in 2013, under Trestman, Cutler posted his best completion percentage, passer rating and yards per game in his five years with the Chicago Bears.

To be honest, I can't believe I made it this far without mentioning all of the guys around him. His supporting cast on offense is incredible with Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery, Matt Forte and Martellus Bennett. These guys are pass catching threats all over the field and are prime targets for Cutler in 2014. That means fantasy points for those of you keeping score.

The Fantasy Risk of Jay Cutler in 2014

It's not usually my style to only provide great things about one player and only one negative, but Cutler is the exception for me right now.

In fact, the only thing that scares me about his potential fantasy performance for 2014 is his injury proneness. Cutler hasn't started all 16 games with the Bears since his first season there in 2009.

Sure he has to run for his life behind that offensive line, but you still have to worry about how fragile he is. It's the number one thing that scares me for his fantasy value in 2014.

My Fantasy Football Advice for 2014

By know you should now that the fantasy football quarterback position is extremely deep. In fact, there are roughly 15 guys I'd be okay with having as my starter (depending on where in the draft I get them). With that being said, I'm more optimistic about Jay Cutler and his fantasy value than I have ever been in my life. If he can fulfill my optimism, some fantasy owners are in for a treat.

He'll be a steal for someone because his durability concerns will keep him outside most top-10 fantasy rankings. Will I draft him as a top-10 guy? Not yet. But I wouldn't mind snagging him as my #2 quarterback (something I almost never do) and pairing him with my 9th or 10th ranked guy. There's so much potential for so little risk.

I'm buying Jay Cutler for 2014, at a very discounted draft day price.

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