Lamar Miller Joins the Texans

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Houstan Texans Fantasy Value 2016

Lamar Miller has agreed to terms with the Houston Texans.

He'll join an offense of Brock Osweiler & DeAndre Hopkins for 2016.

He signed a four-year deal worth $26 million.

On Twitter we found this fun tidbit from Alex over at that shows potential promise for his fantasy prospects for 2016:

“In his two years in HOU, Bill O'Brien has given 15+ touches to a a single RB in 26/32 games. Maybe Lamar Miller (finally) gets his touches?”
[graphiq id="1uORw7yivyZ" title="Lamar Miller Rushing Attempts and Average in 2015" width="640" height="553" url="" link="" link_text="Lamar Miller Rushing Attempts and Average in 2015 | PointAfter"]

*This photo is courtesy of Ed Schipul via Flickr. This photo is used in accordance with Creative Commons license (CC by 2.0). This photo was not edited in any way.

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