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Looking for a place to share your fantasy football expertise? Guest blogging for Let’s Talk Fantasy Football has a ton of benefits for the experts who decide to share their experiences with our audience.

With every article you publish, you will increase exposure and traffic to your blog. Guest blogging will also give you the chance to build a potential relationship where you can get quality content from other fantasy football experts in return.

A few rules

  • Your post needs to be your words, not copy and pasted from somewhere else.
  • If you are citing statistical facts, source it and provide a link if possible.
  • It must be unique to us...meaning it can't be posted on other sites too.
  • The style and tone should be fun. Think tongue in cheek.

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  • We'll share it every way we possibly can, giving you full credit along the way.
  • We encourage you to share it anywhere and everywhere you want.

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Everyone is looking for an you think you can give it to them? We knew you were perfect for the gig.

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Whether you're looking to tackle pre-season or weekly rankings, this is your chance to shine. Prove you can nail the picks our fans depend on.

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If you're into DFS or simply writing about other fantasy topics, we can't wait to share it.