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Entering his 11th NFL season at the age of 32 years old with a brand new team for the first time in his career, Frank Gore might seem like a hard sell for fantasy this season. But I am here (in my best used car salesman outfit) to tell you why you can’t afford to pass up a ride on the Gore Train in 2015.

The Same Old Concerns About Gore

“He can’t keep his numbers up this late in his career.” “He’s going to get hurt.” “He’s old.” Those are the statements that have surrounded Frank Gore nearly every year since 2012 when he hit the dreaded age of 30; the determined time of death for most running backs careers. There was a time when I said the same things about him too but I was young and foolish back then. Frank Gore has managed to defy the odds every time fantasy football players doubt him.

These last couple of years I have seen Frank Gore slide further and further on draft day. Late fourth round, early fifth round. That’s just disrespectful. And the thing is I don’t expect this to trend to change at all this year…which is a good thing. Take advantage of Gore’s bargain bin price and he’ll be on his way to another thousand yard campaign for you. You’ll be paying pennies on the dollar for him come your draft and he will be an easy reliable RB 2 play for you.

A New Home

It’s not always flashy but Gore has always been an every down powerhouse back. He will continue to do that this year with the Colts. Andrew Luck and company finally have the running back they so desperately need and deserve. Gore spent his career as a perennial thousand yard rusher in the insanely stacked defensive stronghold that is the NFC West. The NFC West makes AFC South defenses look like a cakewalk. Even with JJ Watt. After 10 long years of grinding out every yard in that tough ass division this year could be the easiest task Gore has faced in his career.

Gore stated to reporters, per NFL Media’s Jeff Darlington, “With these weapons and Luck, I think it should be a light box. I’ve never seen a six-man front. Hopefully, this year it happens. And hopefully, I can take advantage of it.” Just to clarify, here are the weapons that Gore was referring to: TY Hilton, Andre Johnson, Donte Moncrief, Phillip Dorsett, Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen. Saying that defenses are going to have a rough time dealing with the immense talent of the Colts offense is an understatement. Also, in case anyone forgot, the Colts defense is still going to be horrendous. So they’re going to have to score their balls off to win games…and score their balls off they shall. Constant opportunities to put points up while facing a light defensive front makes Gore a strong candidate to easily outplay is draft value.

Consistently Solid

Out of Gore’s 10 years in the NFL he has eclipsed the thousand yard mark 8 times. The two times he failed to do so were his rookie season in 2005 and 2010 when he only played 11 games due to injury. As I mention before, the Colts need a thousand yard rusher badly. With plans for a Super Bowl run on the horizon they’ll need Gore to deliver. Gore leading the backfield for the Colts makes them a legitimate contender. The Colts with a respected run game? That’s just fucking scary. Here’s something interesting and sad, the Colts have only had a 100 yard rushing game ONCE since Andrew Luck took over for them. Way to be awesome and sweet Trent Richardson. Frank Gore is going to be that missing piece of rushing consistency that puts the Colts over in a big way.

Are You Aboard the Gore Train?

There it is. The declaration of my love for Frank Gore this season. It will either be my rise to fantasy stardom or much more likely, my ultimate downfall. But hey, who wouldn’t want a timeless wonder like Gore on their team at his current asking price?

I will leave you with the main point I’m trying to make here: Gore is going to be available in drafts at a bargain price that cannot be missed this year. Aside from the elite running backs that will go early this year there aren’t too many guys that can give you a return on draft value like Gore can. Target him in the 4th and reap the rewards.

Projection for Frank Gore 2015: 260 Carries / 1,170 Yards / 9 Tds / 22 Rec / 115 Yards / 1 Td

Do you love Frank Gore this year? Think I’m smart? Think I’m incredibly stupid? No matter what you have to say I’d love to hear it. Hit me up on twitter under @vinnyspicyg or leave a comment! I’m always down to talk some fantasy football.

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