It's Time for the Tags

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The time has come.

At 4pm today all NFL teams have to submit franchise or transition tags for players they'd like to keep (at a salary that is pre-determined).

So far, a few players have bit the dust. We'll continue to update this post as more join the list:

Von Miller - Denver Broncos - Franchise Tag

It's said that they're working towards a longterm deal. Odds are, Miller will end up with a monster contract. This is just a bandaid to secure his rights.

[graphiq id="5pOBYPehLAV" title="Von Miller Overview" width="640" height="607" url="" link="" link_text="Von Miller Overview | PointAfter"]

Alshon Jeffery - Chicago Bears - Franchise Tag

The Bears never planned to let Alshon walk. Despite being injured for a lot of 2015, the Bears know he's a talented player that Smokin Jay needs.

[graphiq id="9xjN1HGzc8t" title="Alshon Jeffery Overview" width="640" height="607" url="" link="" link_text="Alshon Jeffery Overview | PointAfter"]

Justin Tucker - Ravens - Franchise Tag

The Ravens really like him. They aren't willing to let him walk away.

I like kickers too, so good for you Baltimore.

[graphiq id="2kbJcao4HbL" title="Justin Tucker Overview" width="640" height="548" url="" link="" link_text="Justin Tucker Overview | PointAfter"]

Muhammad Wilkerson - New York Jets - Franchise Tag

He was too good for the Jets for them to let him walk away. They have a ton of free agents and felt that he was the most important piece. I think they'll get a deal done at some point, just not sure when that'll be.

[graphiq id="1MV4Gt87APj" title="Muhammad Wilkerson Overview" width="640" height="548" url="" link="" link_text="Muhammad Wilkerson Overview | PointAfter"]

Olivier Vernon - Miami Dolphins - Transition Tag

[graphiq id="2tvgRhxvafz" title="Olivier Vernon Overview" width="640" height="548" url="" link="" link_text="Olivier Vernon Overview | PointAfter"]

Josh Norman - Carolina Panthers - Franchise Tag

[graphiq id="654iM3bKpIV" title="Josh Norman Overview" width="640" height="548" url="" link="" link_text="Josh Norman Overview | PointAfter"]

Cordy Glenn - Buffalo Bills - Franchise Tag

[graphiq id="hpHxEsWwldb" title="Cordy Glenn Overview" width="640" height="548" url="" link="" link_text="Cordy Glenn Overview | PointAfter"]

We expect there to be more tags by the time the day is done. As of 12:49pm EST, this is what we've officially heard.

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