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My Favorite Fantasy Football Pros

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We've all fallen in love with fantasy football for a variety of different reasons and there are different things that make us come back to certain writers, experts and sites. Personally I've never been the king of stats. It could be one of my bigger downfalls, however what I truly love is reading fantasy football advice from people who provide some context and personal experiences. They make it less about the numbers and more about the game. They tie it into something that makes the game feel larger than life.

This could be due to my love for sarcasm and telling stories, but hey we're all entitled to our opinions right?

Over the past 8 years I've ready a lot of different articles from a lot of different fantasy football experts and professionals. I've found that there are always three guys I trust more than others (sometimes irrationally). They don't always have the best numbers, the best reasoning or even a legitimate argument, but they always find a way to sell me on the idea anyway.

The ESPN Crew

If you know anything about me you'll know that I absolutely despise the ESPN fantasy football platform, I've had nothing but bad experiences, however they certainly know how to provide great fantasy football advice and stats. My favorite of the bunch is Matthew Berry. I know, I know, I really couldn't have picked a more popular guy to like in relation to fantasy football. He's known across the fantasy community for his silly antics, his long winded articles that are light on stats and full of nonsense, but none of the matters.

Berry carries himself in a way that I can't help but envy. He shares stories that fans share with him, he shares stats from his ESPN team and he always has fun doing it. I honestly believe that I enjoy his work so much because it looks like he's having fun doing it as well. Too many times have I seen experts on TV who lack emotion and fire.

It's clear that Berry has a passion for fantasy football and it's a trait that I suspect many people love him for.

Of course he's very mainstream and liked (maybe not liked) by many, however he's complemented by one hell of a team. He has Adam Schefter and a killer team of insiders that provides fantasy insight like I've never seen.

The Little Guys

I don't mean the little guys in a bad way, in fact I've found that I get better statistical information and better opinions from fantasy sites that aren't ESPN, NFL, etc. The teams that other fantasy sites assemble are truly remarkable as they aren't afraid to make bold recommendations and provide their true opinions.

These national brands and organizations are afraid of screwing up. They're too "corporate" and I fear at times they lose sight of the true fantasy football fan. We all want personalized advice, advice that we believe will help us win a championship.

There are too many sites that I love to name individually here, however I love some of the fantasy football pros that aren't afraid to make the decisions everyone else is.

Finding the Best Fantasy Football Pros

The lesson here is that I'm not a huge fan of stats and I love sarcasm mixed in with my fantasy. It's the method that works for me. You may prefer something completely different, which is fine.

All I can recommend is to keep sampling as many fantasy football pros as you can, because eventually you'll find one that is the perfect mix of what you're looking for. And if you don't find them, you'll sure gain a lot of fantasy knowledge along the way.

Nick Schreck