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Schreck's Waiver Wire Picks for Week 11

By November 10, 2014No Comments

By now you probably have an idea where you stand in your league. You may be fighting for a playoff spot or fighting to stay out of last place.

Regardless of what you're fighting for, the waiver wire remains an important piece of the puzzle.

Following week 10, there are some crucial fantasy guys you should consider picking up and there are others who may be a good fit depending on your needs.

Fantasy Football Waiver Wire for Week 11

It's important to note that not all of these guys will be available in your league, but in the off chance that they are, go get the ones I note.

Ryan Matthews - RB

Probably not available in your league, but if he is, go get him. He's been injured and inactive but could return to the field in week 11. There's a chance he could regain the top spot on that depth chart.

Martavis Bryant - WR

Man I hate this guy. After watching him go for a 14 point swing in the last few minutes of the Jets game I lost my shit. I'm going to lose this week because of this guy and some nobody named Aaron Rodgers. But enough about me.

Bryant has gotten into the end zone 6 times in the last 4 games. Even with the Steelers disappointing in week 10 he performed. Get this guy on your roster.

Josh Gordon - WR

He's Josh Gordon. If he's somehow out there, add him. He's back in Week 12. He could win you your league.

Adrian Peterson - RB

We don't know if he will play or not, but if he comes back he could be a huge piece of your December games. In fact, he could be the difference between a championship and a seat on the sidelines.

Dwayne Bowe - WR

This is strictly for PPR and maybe slightly biased as a Chiefs fan, but he's had 11.5 points or more each week for the past 4 in PPR. He hasn't scored any touchdowns but the points are there if you need a decent option.

Mychal Rivera - TE

Over the past 3 games Rivera has had 185 yards, 3 touchdowns and 21 catches on 26 targets. At a position that is in rough shape you need to view him as a legit option. Don't worry that a ton of his fantasy value is coming in garbage time as there will be plenty more garbage time for the Raiders in 2014.

Alfred Blue - RB

This may be more for Foster owners, as Foster says he will play in week 11. But if Foster is lying (NFL players and coaches never do that), Blue becomes a starting fantasy running back. If you have the space, add the man.

CJ Anderson - RB

The Broncos running back situation is a mystery once again. He smacked the Raiders around in week 10 and it's unclear if Ronnie Hillman is seriously injured. It's possible that Anderson is the starting running back agains the Rams in week 11. I don't view him as a safe start or add, so be wise about your waiver wire use with him.

The Fantasy Football Waiver Wire

I'd be lying if I said I truly love the waiver wire this week.

There are some good adds if these people are available in your league, sadly most of them aren't in mine.

Hopefully they can help you out for week 11 and beyond.

If you think I missed someone, let me know. I'm always down to talk fantasy football.

Nick Schreck