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Fantasy Team Names: The Worst of the Worst

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So you've begun working on your fantasy rankings, your sleepers lists and they guys you want to avoid. With some of those in place, no matter how preliminary they may be at the moment, you can turn your attention to your fantasy team.

Some leagues prefer that you choose one name to start the year and that you stick with it. Others allow, and encourage, owners to change their team names weekly based on their opponents and match-ups.

Regardless of which group you are in, you'll likely be searching Google at some point to find some fantasy football team names that spark your interest.

We've seen some horrific fantasy team names during our time playing and we want you to avoid making the mistakes that so many owners before you did.

We've broken down our list of names that we love to hate (and by we I mean me). They're not broken down into any particular order, however you'll notice a theme - they're all pretty rough.

Fantasy Football Team Names to Avoid

1. White Cassel

  • I get the play on White Castle. I really do, but please this isn't going to cut it any more.

2. Jersey Leshoure

  • Wait, are you making a pun about the Jersey Shore? That's pretty original. Please stay away from this. I'm from NJ and I that has nothing to do with my annoyance with this one. I just. ugh.

3. Have Bush? Get Barber!

  • I'll admit, this one is clever. However I wouldn't want it as my team name. The novelty of the name will wear off quickly. Stay away.

4. What Would Jones-Drew?

  • I actually kinda like it.

5. Weeden't Start The Fire

  • Classic attempt. Classic fail. We didn't start the fire. I used to sing this song as a kid. I don't need to think of Brandon Weeden when I hear it.

6. The Real McCoy

  • Wait so are you the real McCoy or is LeSean McCoy the real McCoy. Too many questions and not enough goddamn answers.

7. Shaving Ryan's Privates

  • This is actually clever. However its an oldie. Like a 2012 team name. I don't hate it, but I don't love it either.

Fantasy Football Team Names

I know the list seems short, but there are a lot of fantasy team names you can make an argument for. Just look at some of the ones I acknowledged above as being kinda good.

We also recommend avoiding any controversial topics that are going on during the season or major events that have rocked communities. They're just in bad taste.

If your fantasy league encourages changing your team names weekly, please don't hold onto an old name too long. That just sucks.

If you have other fantasy team names that you hate, share them below. If you secretly love these names above, tell me why.


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