Fantasy Recap of Week 2, Injury News & Stars Galore - Episode: 17

By September 24, 2015One Comment

Week 2 of the fantasy football season wasn't quite what we expected. The matchups many experts loved, became one's they hated. And the ones they hated...you know how this goes.

With Don and Vinny manning the week 3 preview podcast, it was Rodgers and Walsh's time to shine. And shine they did.

Together they explored the good, the bad and the injuries of week 2 and the impact it has on your fantasy team moving forward.

With their combination of wit, charm and fantasy knowledge, it's a miracle they haven't been stolen away from us yet.

Week 2 Fantasy Recap Podcast

Here's what you can expect:

  • Injury analysis.
  • Some crazy fantasy love.
  • Recaps of all the games you missed but still care about.
  • The fantasy fun you've come to expect.

Nick Schreck